5 Best Moisturizing Deep Conditioners Natural Hair

A deep conditioner is conditioning product that fortifies the hair with either moisture or protein.  These 5 were voted the best moisturizing deep conditioners for natural hair.  Many of these products are under $10.

Deep conditioning is the process of fortifying the hair with moisture or protein. From time to time, your hair might feel dry and brittle. You might also experience excessive breakage or splitting along the hair shaft. These things can be an indication that a deep conditioning treatment is needed. Usually, at this point, you can use a deep conditioning treatment to retroactively remedy those problems. Some people deep condition as part of their regular hair routine. Read more on deep conditioning natural hair.

5 Best Moisturizing Deep Conditioners

Eden BodyWorks All Natural Jojoba Monoi Deep Conditioner

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80 thoughts on “5 Best Moisturizing Deep Conditioners Natural Hair

  1. Natural Hair Styles 101

    I’ve tried the last two conditioners, but I still haven’t found one that I want to stick with. I’ve been wanting to try Curl Ecstasy and Eden’s Jojoba DC for quite some time, though. Maybe I’ll try those at some point! 🙂

  2. Debra

    I have use the last two hair products but i am not seeing what i am looking for in my hair, and because i am from Jamaica most of the products display on your site is not sold locally.

    1. Naturalhairrules Post author


      I’m sorry to hear that. You have share with us what you have found locally.

      1. belkis

        African pride leave in treatment is really good. i love it. i wash my hair conditioned it then apply to wet combed hair and it stays soft and curly all day and in place.

      1. solange.

        I have african American hair type with relaxer on, but my hair breaks every time I comb thru my hair. Nt like 1 or 2piece of hair I mean a lot hair. So please help me find the right shampoo, condition and moisture. Thank you.

  3. Myra Harris

    My favorite is the Africia Best Hair Mayonniase as a deep conditioner! I have the entire She Moisture line of the Coconut & Hisbicus (the pink color) and love, love, love, love that line for my hair. I have the Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque and Restorative Conditioner (the gold color) . . I just have not gotten around to using it yet because the Coconut & Hisbicus line keeps my hair moisture for weeks.

  4. Wanda

    Is there a leave in conditioner that you can recommend for really dry hair to keep the moisture in ? I use castor oil and coconut oil but after a couple of days my daughters hair is dry again.

    1. RaVen

      Kimmaytube’s leave recipe is the only thing that faithfully moisturizers my thirsty hair. I’m always come back to it. Google it for the recipe.

  5. risingempress

    Luuuuuv Sofn’free Gro Healthy’s Milk Protein & Olive Oil Really Deep Conditioning Treatment. Its a staple!

  6. Ari

    I’ve tried the Jojoba Monoi and the Shea Moisture dc and I was not a fan of either. The Jojoba smell was not for me and it made my hair feel weird after I rinsed it. The only reason I was able to finish the whole jar was because I started adding honey and evoo to it. For some reason all of the raw shea line makes my hair feel crunchy. I l-o-v-e As I Am Hydration Elation but their products do cost a pretty penny.

  7. Marie

    i love just for me hair product deep conditioner i’m 11 yrs old turning 12 soon i’m in love with blog god bless u

  8. Dafne

    Hair mayonnaise it’s great for my hair, i add 1/4 cup of honey and 1/4 cup olive oil, plastic cap for 30 minutes and my hair look so shine and soft. I am from Panamá, central-america country it’s so dificult to me be a natural because all a this amazing products and oils, dont get it here. Thanks for the info and help……keep the good job .

      1. Audra

        When my hair was relaxed I had no problem with the cholesterol conditioner, it worked great and my hair grew. Now that I’m natural 3 years, I tried it for the first time and it made my scalp itch like crazy???

  9. Clorenda Morris

    Hello, my name is Cloe and I just recently BC a few days ago. (Saturday December 21, 2013) I am in product junkie overload, i want to try so amny things. And I am eager to find out what things that my natural hair really likes… I wish to try this conditioner. Hopefully I can leave a product review.

  10. Clorenda Morris

    While on my eight month transition, i used this conditioner. It was awesome on both textures of hair. I have used it for a while andhave stopped using it but fell in love with the Aussie “Moist” DEEEEEEEEEEPPPP conditioner. its really inexpensive but has my hair feeling like butter while on my transiton. And the smell is amazing!!!!! It’s a little over $3.00 but it’s worth every penny.

  11. Yolande

    I love the Hydratherma Naturals moisture Boost Deep Conditioner and the Protein Deep Conditioner. I usually mix them both. They leave my hair soft and silky

    1. Marie Lewis

      Yolande…I truly agree with you. The Hydratherma Naturals products are really good. I use the entire line. My hair has grown so much because the products help to prevent breakage and retain my length. My hair is so much stronger

  12. Nicole

    I have type 4 very kinky course hair. It stays dry which cause breakage. Im at my wits end but refuse to perm again. Helllllllp please.

    1. slsmith2765

      Hello Nicole,

      I am not an expert in hair care and I do not have type 4 hair, but what I have notice since I am transitioning from relax (which is very dry) to natural hair is when I want to add more moisture to my hair I use the greenhouse effect by wearing a plastic cap underneath my silk or satin scarf at night. I am sticking to one product line to see the results and just take extra steps that promote more moisture along with deep conditioning every week, and adding a nourishing conditioner to my hair. You may want to also read up on using protein treatment to your hair care to help prevent more breakage, but be very careful to follow the instructions precisely, and follow-up with a deep conditioner (very important); I learned the hard way. I would also suggest not using any heat to your hair. I let my hair dry naturally and the only time my hair gets heat normally is when I am deep conditioning my hair. But, when I do apply heat to curl my hair, I curl it once during the week, and do not apply any additional heat thereafter. Normally I pin my hair up and leave it alone until it is time to wash and condition again.


    2. Mary Welch

      Nicole I have the same problem. I started using Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle, added some Vitamin E and olive oil and sat under a dryer for 30-45 minutes and my hair felt wonderful. I also started using KBB’s Super Duper Hydrating Cream and Butter Love these are the only products I have found to keep my hair moisturized through the week.

      1. Mary Welch

        You can get the Aussie Moist anywhere and its usually around $3.00. I get the Vitamin E in liquid form and the Aussie from my local Meijer’s store. Sometimes I’ll add some glycerin in the mix as well. The KBB (Karen’s Body Beautiful) I ordered on line but some Target’s carry it. The Pomegranate Guava scent is really nice.

  13. Ingrid Shapiro

    I am intriguied by these products. I am looking for a deep moisturizer for the scalp. I am very dry and then it starts itching, as though I have dandruff. I am just very dry. I need something with heat that I can wrap in towel and leave for maybe 30 minutes and wash out.

  14. Gaynell Mitchell

    This past summer I stopped putting perms/chemicals on my hair. I now have an 1 1/2 in afro. My hair is dry my scalp starting itching quiet frequently I have been using Doo grow as well as Jamaican Black
    Castrol about three time a week. My hair appear to be growing however due to my taking bp meds
    there is an area in the top that seem to be slow growing.Oh yea!!…My girlfriend plait it about once a month it’s helping the growth somewhat…. What would you suggest to speed the growth?
    I would love th have 3-4 inch Alfro by this summer 🙂

    1. Veronica Jones LVN

      Have you tried Organic Root Stimulator Products and Hair, Skin and Nail vitamins.

  15. Tasha Gregory

    I tried the Shea Moisture Deep Conditioner listed in this article. I wish it would have worked, but my hair didn’t care for it at all and I had to throw the jar away only after using it two times. I did purchase the Eden Jojoba brand deep conditioner and I’m anxious to see the results when I finally do use it.

    1. Veronica Jones LVN

      My hair was very short. I used Doo Gro and Organic Root Stimulator Products. I also take vitamins for hair, skin and nails.

  16. mari juarez

    OK so I’ve been on a mission with my hair for the past year…. when i was younger my hair was long and curly but then i started to color my hair n blow dry it every day flat ironing my hair almost every week…in the beginning of last year i noticed my hair was thin and it did not grow past shoulder length its been 1 year and i have cut down the heat a lot! now my problem is how can i give my hair more volume?? and most important how do i get my curls back!?!?!?!?! and how do i make it grow?!?! I’ve tried hairfinity it doesnt work I’ve tried olive oil and its not working i get so depressed to see my hair like this that i just put it in a bun n that its 😦 PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. iroon

      use egg oil or egg yolk to apply on your scalp of head. take zinc, iron and vitamen E suppliments but ask your dr first. i took it myself and got my hair back with natural curls. it will take you 6 to 12 moths to get healthy hair and scalp. also try using clear shampoo without conditioner. you can use conditioner separately.

      1. Beth

        I have been taking biotin plus doing hot oil treatments. I use caster, almond and olive oil mix! My hair is full and very curly! I shampoo it once a month but co-wash every 3-4 days a week! I recently did a protein treatment and my hair is loving it! Try and see if this works for you!

  17. Sira

    I am happy that I have found this page, as I have been in transition since 2011 but I have been using ORS products for a while. My hair is all natural now and it is not breaking as much now. I now want to stay natural so I want to try new products. The problem I have now is, the middle part of my hair is shorter than the rest and my hairline breaks, Any suggestions please.

    1. salima

      Hi sira, for your edges before you go to bed do a flat twist or Cornrow.you can also try some styles with a flat twist or cornrow in front as well.for the center that’s shorter,you may be pulling it tightly in a ponytail.hope I helped.be blessed.

  18. Hunter Parker

    Hi, I am a transitioning from permed hair to natural. I have been permed for about 16 years of my life. Now that I have been going natural, my hair is becoming shorter, especially in the back. It seems my hair or permed hair is breaking off. My hair is also hard to comb – its very thick as well. I truly need help. What are some ways to make my hair more softer and easier to comb and what are some methods of combing other than using an actual comb?

    1. Nicole Archie

      Is your hair hanging freely when you wear wool scarves and clothes ? That could be the problem, your hair is catching on to certain clothing and breaking off

    2. AK

      I suggest hot oils as a conditioner and also a leave in conditioner such as Taliah Waajid. I was also a lover of Miss Jessie Buttercreme – a great mix of moisture and oil.

  19. melissa r

    I have used every expensive lotion for the face from Kinerase to Clarins but the Made from Earth Vitamin Moisturizer really is the best. It has the crucial ingredients, collagen and elastin and really replenish my skin and make it look and feel like I am 20s again (I am 41). The scent is also very light and very pleasant as I am trying to avoid heavy, perfume laden creams and lotions.

  20. LisaBeth

    I have fine, wavy (2b/2c) hair with a scalp that tends to get dry. I started using the Made from Earth Peppermint Conditioner about a month ago, and my hair looks better than it’s ever looked: shiny and healthy with well-defined curls. The best part is that it’s been great for my scalp too! No flakes, dryness, or itching.

  21. Jasmine

    I love the African Pride Organics Hair Mayo. I has been THE CHEAPEST , yet THE BEST DEEP CONDITIONER EVER in my opinion. I have dry, long 3c hair. It can be a burden sometimes, but this deep conditioner always seems to bring it back to life. It seem moisturized and soft. It’s very manageable after this. It seems to have that same ingredients as the Organic Root Stimulator Brand (ORS). I only know because I take my time and compare ingredients before purchasing. With all of that being said, I will happily continue to buy my $4 miracle staple in a jar. LOL

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  24. Ava

    Hello Tamara, I’m so glad that I read your natural hair rules book. I have enjoyed reading it, it’s helped me out a whole lot. but I have a problem with the color in my hair it’s breaking off and I have tried to trim it myself can you give me some suggesting what I can do

    1. Tamara Post author

      Ava, Coloring or dyeing your hair can cause breakage. You will want to deep condition more regularly and go to a professional stylist for a trim.


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