Hairspiration – Keisha K.

Keisha has learned from being natural 12 years that patience is the key.  “Healthy hair doesn’t happen overnight.”  Read more about her natural hair journey and regimen.

Repurposing an old Wash n Go

Repurposing an old Wash n Go

1. How long have you been natural?  I have been natural for 12 years and loving it!

2. Why and how did you go natural? (Did you transition? What products and styles did you use?)
I have to admit, the decision to go natural wasn’t my own. [ad#ag1] After graduating from college and moving back home I was referred to a new hairstylist by a good friend.  During our consultation, she asked what service I wanted and I told her I would like a touch up. She said, “No,  I’ll press your hair.”  I had no clue at the time that she was a proponent of natural hair.  I went along with the press with intentions of getting a perm during my next appointment.
Fast forward 12 years and I never got that perm.  My stylist roller set my hair and straightened it with a ceramic flat iron every two weeks.  Once I was completely natural, I wore twist outs for a year straight.  But now I can’t get enough of my wash and go’s!  I rarely, if ever, wear my hair pressed. I’m just so in love with my kinks and curls that i don’t want to hide them. During my natural journey, I’ve had color, an involuntary Big Chop and now I’m growing my hair out.  I love being a kurly kutie!

3. Did you transition long term or do the big chop? Why?

I started transitioning in 2001 when being natural wasn’t as popular. I transitioned for 2 years by getting my hair pressed every two weeks and trimming the relaxed ends off over time. I would often style my hair in flat twist or a straw set just to get used to the idea of seeing my hair in a curly state and avoid heat damage. After seeing that I could get the same results from having my hair pressed as I was getting from having my hair relaxed, I realized there was no need for me to continue chemical straightening. It was during my transition that I saw just how beautiful the natural texture of my hair really was. My hair was thicker and healthier than I could have ever imagined.
4. Tell us about your hair regimen. What products and techniques do you use?  How do you keep your hair moisturized?
Every now and then my inner product junkie takes over but I’ve narrowed down my hair regimen to include a few staple products.  I shampoo my hair once a week with Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash, deep condition with my Heutiful hair steamer and I’m experimenting with different oils.  At night I sleep on a satin Pillow Bonnet which maintains my hair style and keeps my hair moisturized.  The best part of being natural is the endless variety of protective hairstyles…two strand twist outs, flat twists, wash and go’s and high buns are a few of my favs.
5. How would you describe this experience? Going natural has been an awesome experience and I wish I would have done it sooner!  I have become a pro at taking care of my hair which is nothing short of a miracle for me! LOL!  I was always the girl who didn’t know what to do with my hair.  Going back to basics was the answer for me.  Not to mention I have met really awesome women in the natural hair community.
6. What was others response to your naturality?  Initially I was uncertain about wearing my natural hair.  I thought I men wouldn’t find me attractive and my curls would be frowned upon in a corporate setting.  Boy was I wrong!  There are several natural divas in my office and to my surprise I get compliments on my hair often.
7. Who was your biggest influence/support?  How did they provide support during your natural hair transition? My hair stylist was my biggest supporter.  After all, she was the one who talked me into this!  She was very patient with me, suggesting different curly styles and actually showing me how to create them myself.  Of course, this was pre-Youtube.  My friends were also a very supportive.  They encouraged me to let loose and experiment with different hairstyles.  I used to be obsessed with keeping every curl perfect but now I just let my hair do what it do 🙂

8. What have you learned since being natural (about yourself, your hair and other people)? I’ve always loved Tracee Ellis Ross.  She’s my hair crush!  However, I’ve learned my hair is unique to only me and I have to work with what God gave me.  I find people are very curious about how to achieve certain hairstyles and which products to use. Once I had a 30 minute conversation with a natural [woman] in H&M about which products we use and trading hair tips.  Also, I’ve become more health conscious.  Healthy hair starts from the inside out.  The food you consume has a major effect on the health of your hair.

9. What advice would you give to those transitioning or concerning natural hair?
Educate yourself on ingredients and learn what your hair responds to.  Try different products by getting samples if they’re available before you purchase the full size.  Keeping your hair moisturized is key. And last but not least, be patient! Healthy hair doesn’t happen over night, but it’s so worth it in the end.

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One thought on “Hairspiration – Keisha K.

  1. Cynthia

    Thank you for taking out the time to share so much helpful excise .I have to admit that I’m fighting my decision so it’s so helpful to read excise to encourage me to go on.THANKS


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