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Old Navy $15 Fleece Coats


10/6/12 Only

Did you see the ads running this week for Old Navy $15 Fleece Coats? $15??? I couldn’t miss out on this deal. I set my alarm so I would be out the house before 8:00 am.  The Pearland Old Navy store opened at 9:00 am but I wanted to beat the crowd.  And just in case there wasn’t  a crowd I had my workout gear. I would run to the gym for 30 mins.  I got there and there was two ladies outside.  Then as it got closer to 9 more ladies came.  The crowd wasn’t bad less than 20.  We all got our fleece coats.


I usually don’t line up for sales but I’m loving the colors at Old Navy. Last week, I picked a pair of color skin jeans for my trip to Vegas.  And today I grabbed one of the orange fleece coats which is one of my favorite colors to wear.  Love sunset colors.  My husband thought I was crazy but it was so worth it!


Did you pick up any steal this weekend?

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