Natural Hair Styles

My Hair Journey


This is my natural hair time line thus far…


Aug. 2006 This is me before the BiG ChOp. I tried to transition. Matter of fact I went perm less for about 5 months. Here I got a really good Chi. (I know I look high in this picture. I’m not.)

Nov. 2006 This is a month after the BiG ChOp. I really didn’t know what to do with my hair so I would just straw set it every week.

Mar. 2007 Ok. I wanted something different so I got the front braided and the back blown out.

Natural Hair Styles

Apr. 2007 I finger coiled my hair with Twist and Lock Gel. Me and the hubby.

Natual Hair Style

Apr. 2007 This was Easter that’s why all the drama! Finger coils with Twist and Lock.

Natural Hair Style

Jun. 2007 A few months before this picture I went to have the rest of my relaxed hair cut off and the lady completely bald me. This is after my hair grew back a little.

Natural Hair Styles

Aug. 2007 I decided to let the color grow out. I did flat twist or plaits to the scalp and took it down when it was dry to achieve this look.

Natural Hair Style

Sept. 2007  To get a spiral/waving look I two strand twisted the hair into medium size plaits. After it was dry I took it down and pined up the sides.

Natural Hair Styles
Dec. 2007 Wow! i Just Realized how fast my hair grew. This is a longer version of flat twist taken down.

Natural Hair Styles
Jan. 2008 Flat twist again. I don’t know why this came out different. I think I used a different product. Kinky curly instead of Twist and Lock.

Natural Hair Styles
Apr. 2008 This is my first press since going natural. Look at those layers their natural too.

Natural Hair Styles

April 2008 This is the next day after wrapping it the night before.

Natural Hair Style

May 2008 This is my afro puff.

Natural Hair Styles

May 2008 Finger coils again but this time with length. I love this style it stays cute for up to two weeks.

Natural Hair Rules

Aug. 2008 I finally mastered the wash n go! It only took 2 years.

Curly Nikki Twist n Curl

Nov 2008 This is my birthday shot. I did two strand twist and rolled on rods and took down when dry. It turned out so cute. Ok so I guess the formal name for it is the ‘Twist n Curl’

Natural Hair Styles

Nov. 2008 This is my second press.

Natural Hair Styles

Nov. 2008 This is my wash n go after wearing it straight for a week.

Natural Hair Styles
Dec. 2009 This is my Curly Puff.

Natural Hair Styles

Jan. 2009 Curly Nikki Twist n Curl


Feb. 2009 I was protective styling w/ two strand twist


Define your Curls the Quick Way April 2009


Wash n Go May 2009


Wash n Go Afro puff Aug. 2009


Wash n Go with mousse vs. gel. I like the mousse better. Sept. 2009


Pined up one side Nov. 2009


My third press Nov. 2009 See more Pictures Here

flat twist out on Natural Hair

Jan. 2010 Flat Twist Out


Feb. 2010 Two Chunky Braids

Twist Out on Natural Hair

Mar. 2010 Dry Twist Out

Two Strand Twist Updo

Apr. 2010 Two Strand Twist Updo

Two Strand Twist

May 2010 Two Strand Twist

Natural Hair Fro'd out

Jun. 2010 Me and homies fro’d out

Twist Out on Natural Hair

July 2010 Twist Out

Messy Top Bun on Natural Hair

Aug. 2010 Messy Top Bun

Me & One of my best friends, CoCo

Twist Out on Natural Hair

Sept. 2010 Another Twist Out

Oct. 2010 Afro Puff

Nov. 2010 Press with Hair Rules Blow out Your Kinks

This was apart of my hair model adventures. Read more here


11 thoughts on “My Hair Journey

  1. Norma Blakney

    I went through the transition and I love my look you can do so much with this look it’s like when I was a little girl before my first relaxer at 18,I have decided to let my color grow out my only problem is I tried the blowout it only last for one day. I am trying to find someone who can press and do a good job you hair looks very health and it does grow much faster with this look.

  2. jayne Anaman

    I really like the natural hair. I have permed my hair for serveral years and now experiencing serious hair loss. I wish to grow my natural hair now, any help?

  3. Felicia

    I love the hair journey diary….really cool….i started my journey in july 2007 and i must say we have similiar photos….only thing i just recently cut my hair again because i got addicted to straightening it again…but I wont make that mistake again. I would like someone to tell me some products to use….I have naturally curly hair around the sides and back but big waves in the top, which is hard to train…

  4. Renee P. Marshall-Richards

    I am TOTALLY LOVING my natural hair journey since 1994! Locs were enjoyable from 2002- 2011. My TWA has grown nicely, especially during January 2013, when my hair was twisted & I would get it wet daily in the shower. For now, TALIAH WAAJID , THE GREAT Detangler and Fekkai Shea Butter (Sally store’s)/ Moisturizing Conditioner hair (Walgreen’s) products are excellent for my hair! Hope they never go off the market because it’s not easy finding natural hair products with successful results.

  5. Sharonda

    I have a question: did your hair train to go natural after you pressed it those few times. I have been natural for two years however only time its down iscwhen its wet then it goes back to afro. btw I love your hair journey especially adding your life events as well..

  6. Kim

    Thanks for sharing your hair journey! I absolutely love the story you tell with pictures. Your pregnancy and baby pictures brought tears of joy to my eyes. You have such a beautiful family. I transitioned in 2011 for about 14 months because my hair was so thin from relaxers and low iron in my blood. Going natural has done wonders for my hair and body too. My hair is a lot thicker now and growing much better without being relaxed. I also got color for the first time in my whole 46 yrs after going natural! 😀 Boy, was I happy to see that I follow a similar hair care regimen as you. The only problem I experience is my hair drying out after a couple days of any style. 😦 Could be the cold weather, not drinking enough water or other unknown reasons; but that’s my research project as of now. Hopefully, my hair will grow as long as yours as I continue my journey back to me.

    1. Naturalhairrules Post author

      Thank you Kim!!! I has been great sharing my hair journey. My Family is my heart and love introducing them to my extended family :-)!!!

      No, its normal that your hair would need re-hydration after a few days. You can moisturize with a spray bottle and coconut oil or you could co-wash in between shampooing.


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