I Floated…

When’s the last time you did something new?

This was a question that I asked myself after listening to Behind the Brillance podcast.

I want you to ask yourself the same question and tell me your answer in the comments section below.

In this same episode, the host, Lisa Nicole Bell talked about sensory deprivation which is also called flotation therapy or floating.

So this is me describing the process… You enter an oasis tank or chamber that has 10 inches of water. The water is warm and filled with gallons of medical grade Epsom salt that change the buoyancy of the water allowing you to float effortlessly.

It’s called sensory deprivation because oasis tanks are usually dark and your ears are plugged to prevent water getting into them. It’s a gravity-free experience. While in the session you are free to relax, meditate, think, or even sleep without any distractions at all.

I scheduled a float session for my birthday. I’m a little Type A at times. I usually have a mental agenda of things that I want to tackle or confront. I thought 90 mins was a little long for this agenda. But I tried it anyway.

You take a shower and shampoo all products out of your hair. I did this and then after a few minutes in the tank.

I started freaking the f*ck out!!!

My floatation session was in an actual sensory deprivation tank versus a chamber. I was cool taking the shower and then sitting in the tank.

But when I closed the door, I suddenly developed a mysterious case of claustrophobia. The darkness, the smell, and confinement caused me to panic. I was having an anxiety attack.

I opened that tank door so quick!!!

I had to get myself together. Breathe, slow my heart rate, and take command of my thoughts. I took a minute or two. I laid back into the water.

I thought I can’t wait to tell Lisa Nicole Bell about this. Until this point, she was the only person I know that’s done it.

I tried to focus on floating but it was too cold with the tank door open. So I was like ok.

“I can do this.” Giving myself a quick pep talk. I closed the tank door.

I centered myself in the tank. I made a conscious effort to focus on the water, the sound of my heart beat, and my breathing. I started praying and meditated. I played with different floating positions. I probably even fell asleep. I was so relaxed, I don’t know for sure.

I heard the music that signified that my session was up after two hours. I was actually allowed extra time. TWO HOURS of floating. That is a huge milestone in itself! I usually can’t sit still like that unless I’m sleeping.

It’s very reflective. Some people emerge with deep revelations. I did come out a little more introspective.

This was my best relaxation experience ever!!! I’ve been telling everyone about it including my SnapChat and InstaStory family.

Would you try floatation therapy? When’s the last time you did something new?

Tell me your answer in the comments section below.


6 thoughts on “I Floated…

  1. Sara

    I loved the flotation tank experience. I also panicked at first, but after I was able to get centered and control my breathing, I was able to relax. My body felt amazing and my mind was uncluttered as I emerged. Can’t wait to try it again and truly meditate this time! Definitely worth the experience! Happy New Year all!

  2. Michelle

    Did the epsom salt have any impact on your hair? I scheduled a session for next Sunday, and am wondering if I’d be able to schedule a braiding appointment afterwards. Which would mean my hair would need to be out for the float session. FYI my hair is on the farthest end of kinky. So I’m concerned the salt would make it dry and tangled, and make the braiding session painful and possibly damaging.


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