Finding a GOOD Natural Hairstylist

Find a GOOD Natural HairstylistLet’s face it…

Everyone can’t do natural hair. There’s few stylists that have extensive experience styling, cutting, and maintaining type 4 hair.

I’ve been natural for over 10 years throughout this time I’ve shared my run-ins with “natural hair experts”. Yea, that’s a little bit of shade.

Don’t get me wrong…  I am a DIY gal. I like to style my hair and make my own products at home. But everyone needs to see a licensed hair professional occassionally.

Here’s a list of 5 DIY Deep Conditioners You Can Make At Home.

A hair professional can provide services and treatments that help your hair and scalp thrive. Combing through each section of your hair, detangling any stubborn knots, assessing the hair for any damage or scalp for issues.  A stylist can give you an even trim and really seeing all split ends in those hard to reach places.  In winter, I like to get a deep hydration treatment for my dry scalp at a local salon.

I know with the natural hair movement many of us steered clear of beauty shops. I was one of them. But my hair paid for it. I have since learned my lesson. You can read my story here.

I make sure to schedule an appointment at least 2-3 months for trims and self-care.  I really credit my salon visits with helping grow my hair past mid-back length.  If you what to know where your hair is here’s a length check.

In the last few years, I’ve moved from Houston, Texas to Las Vegas, NV and then to Atlanta, GA. Each time I move finding a hairstylist a priority.

I want to share some of the tips I use to find a GOOD Natual Hairstylist in your area.

Ask Your Network

Everyone knows a stylists or knows someone that knows a stylist.  I usually start by asking my Facebook friends, do you know anyone that does natural hair in my area.  The recommedation is even better when the referrer and I have similar hair types. This is how I found Salon Balis.

If I don’t get any good leads, I use my other social media channels for recommendation.

Read Yelp Reviews

Yelp is a review site for local businesses.  You can find a salon or stylist by searching the site or app.

I like to check the customer views. That’s where you get the real tea. They’ll let you know if the stylist has a professional manner. If he or she, know how to style natural hair or just straighten it. We all know that beautian that only wants to blow dry and flat iron natural hair. There’s nothing wrong with doing those things, but maybe you’re looking for someone can give you a twisted updo, instead.

My stylist, Ebony Bomani is no longer in Georgia but she did cute twisted updo that you can see here.

Check Instagram

Instagram is a great way to see a salon or stylist’s portfolio. These pictures will give you are representation of  what hair type and hairstyles they have experience doing. Voice of Hair‘s instagram page highlights hairstylists in various cities.

In additon to following individual stylists, salons, or Instagram pages, you can search specific hashtags. For example, you can search or follow the #AtlantaStylist hashtag. Or your city and ‘stylist’ to find someone in your area.

Search Google

Everyone’s familar with Google. Google Business pages now display reviews in addition contact information. It also brings up other reviews, blog posts, and special certifications.  When it comes to geting my hair cut, I look for Ouidad certified salons. Google is one of the best place to find this information.

Read The Blogs

There were two salons I was interested in visiting, Loop Salon and Too Groovy. After friends recommended Loop Salon. I looked at the salon’s Instagram, searched Yelp and Google for more reviews, and then checked natural hair blogs to see if anyone I follow had an experience with Loop Salon. Jameelah cut and styled Lexi with the Curls hair into a cute taper cut last year.  Check her pictures and review.

Do you go to a hairstylist regularly? Why or Why not?

Tell me in the comments section below.


4 thoughts on “Finding a GOOD Natural Hairstylist

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  2. Mary Martinez

    Yes, I do go to a natural stylist to get my hair cut and colored. I love my stylist her name is Mozelle she’s from Bronx, NY but resides in Jonesboro, Ar. I also take my daughter to her to get her hair trimmed and condition every 6 months. My daughter does keep up with her hair in between time…lol.

  3. Alexis Felder

    Thanks for including my time at Loop salon. I tend to only go to stylists when I’m trying something super new – like getting my hair straightened with my new cut since it’s was something different for me. I also go for cuts and color (most of the time even though I should always go for color lol).


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