OITNB’s Vicky Jeudy Shines in This Month’s Sheen Magazine

If you’re an Orange is the New Black fan, then you’ve come to know (and love) Vicky Jeudy as inmate Janae Watson. The Queens, NY, native proudly rocks her natural hair on and off the Netflix screen. This month, she talks beauty and culture with Sheen Magazine.

OITNB's Vicky Jeudy Shines in Sheen Magazine

Image Source: @vickyjeudy, Instagram | Photography: Francesca Andre & Gustavo Azael Torres

Vicky Jeudy: A Natural Activist

Born to Haitian parents, Vicky attributes her Caribbean roots to serving people on a grander scale.

“…Hospitality is a major thing in our culture. It’s all about how you serve people,” she tells Sheen contributor Kimberly Knight.

On a recent trip to Haiti, Jeudy worked in local communities with Sean Penn’s J/P Relief Organization. This November, she’ll join the organization again by running in the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon.

Keeping active is sure to help her overall health and the health of those gorgeous curls we all admire. Since appearing in the show’s first episode and throughout its four seasons, Vicky’s hair has grown out from cropped coif.

OITNB's Vicky Jeudy

Image Source: @vickyjeudy, Instagram | Photography: Francesca Andre & Gustavo Azael Torres

On her favorite hair products…

“I use the DevaCurl No Poo shampoo and Shea Moisture products,” she dishes. “I love their Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie.”

Check out her full interview in the September/October 2016 issue of Sheen Magazine.

Is Vicky Jeudy your favorite OITNB cast member? Are you excited to see more representations of natural hair in pop culture?


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