4 Ways to Rock a Bun on Natural Hair

4 Ways Bun on Natural Hair

The bun is often the answer to “what to do with my hair” when you can’t make up your mind or are just short on time. It’s one of the easiest things you can do with your hair and is great for any occasion!

If your bunning skills are less than perfect, here are four different techniques to help you create a beautiful bun on natural hair.

High (Ninja) Bun

Whether you call it a Ninja Bun or Top Knot, this seems to be one of the most popular buns of them all and my personal fave. I have my own unique method of creating this look but I really like this one by Lyvona. She takes the term Top Knot literally in this simple tutorial!

Low Bun

The low bun is a beautiful alternative which pulls the hair back and off of the face instead of up to show off more of your features. It’s a great choice for natural brides who plan to wear a veil or any type of headpiece or hair jewelry on the big day.

A low bun might be the best option if you have shorter hair as Naturally Nellzy demonstrates below. Because you’re laying the hair flat onto your head, you kinda have gravity on your side to keep those shorter hairs laid and in place!

If you’ve got longer hair, try this simple method from Laila-Jean of Fusion of Cultures.

Textured Bun

There are a number of ways to pull off this look. “Textured” can refer to the actual texture of your own hair (if it’s long enough) or the synthetic hair you use form your bun (like Marley Braiding Hair or some other kinky/curly texture- like this look). But it can also refer to the texture you give the hair before you actually form the bun by braiding or twisting it.

While classic buns are great on their own, twisting or braiding the hair can add some interest to the bun when you’re looking to do something a little different or want to create some volume. Here’s a quick how-to for you!

Here’s a bonus tutorial that features a textured look on a low bun. I’ve done this quite a few times and it’s always a hit. So easy!

Donut Bun

If you want a more uniform look or are just bun challenged, the donut bun is for you!

By using a pre-made “donut”- either store-bought or handmade using a sock- you can easily create a perfectly round bun without much fuss. Simply put your hair in a puff or ponytail, slide the “donut” on, secure your hair over the “donut” with a headband and pins and your done!

Watch this step-by-step from EiffelCurls with her take on the low textured bun using the “donut”.

These looks can be achieved whether you keep your hair in its fully natural state or straighten it. Best of all, you don’t have to have super long hair or even medium-length hair to achieve them. With all the affordable synthetic hair on the market and the right technique, you too can rock a bun!


I can tell you from experience, a bun is the perfect protective style to keep your ends tucked away and healthy as possible until you’re ready to clip them off. As I transitioned, the low bun was my go-to style not only because it was simple but it also meant I didn’t have to deal with those annoying, straggly relaxed ends for a while. I highly recommend incorporating buns into your style rotation if you’re still transitioning to natural!

Just always remember to moisturize your hair prior to adding your stylers (gels, pomades, cremes) so the hair stays nice and soft as you wear your bun.

Are you a bun wearer? Which technique is your fave? Which ones would YOU like to try next?

*feature photo: My Natural Sistas


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