Twists & Beads: Protective Style for Little Girls

Protective Styles for Little Girls

When I think of summer I immediately go down memory lane and reminiscence about my childhood. What comes to mind is visiting the beach, swimming pools, long bike rides, hopscotch, double dutch, ice pops and BEADS.

Yes you read that correctly…BEADS! During the summer my cousin Keena and I would visit our Aunt Tweety. Aunt Tweety would give us lots of snacks and braid our hair in the most tiny little braids. She put the most beautiful & colorful beads on the ends too.

This protective style would stretch our natural hair better than any hot comb! She would extend the length with foil on the ends which also secured the beads. You couldn’t tell us nothing! This style was so special to us!

Remembering that feeling even as an adult, I just had to make this a special beauty tradition with my daughters Taylor and Sky as well. So each summer I also allow them to wear BEADS. We only do this style 1-2 times each summer because the beads can be stressful to the strands. But to ensure it is actually a protective style we do want to share a glimpse of our wash routine, LOC method and styling process.

Please enjoy the video/tutorial below and don’t forget to leave us your childhood memories of wearing this amazing style.


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