8 Steps for Going From Curly to Straight With No Heat Damage

From Curly Hair to Straight Hair No DamageIt’s entirely possible to go from curly to straight without a stitch of heat damage. It takes some preparation and patience but it’s well worth it. Here’s the breakdown:

Step #1: Cleanse Your Hair 

Always straighten clean hair free from product buildup. You will always get better results starting with a clean slate and you can avoid cooking that leftover product on your hair.

Step #2: Strengthen your hair before you straighten 

Heat styling takes a huge toll on your hair even if you are meticulously careful, so it’s best that you prep your hair if you plan on straightening it. You can do this by strengthening your hair using a protein treatment. Protein treatments help to make your strands more resilient by filling in any gaps or holes you may have from damage. Aphogee 2 step protein treatment is professional strength and will whip your hair back into shape. For those who are protein

For those who are protein sensitive, you can always do a more gentle DIY protein treatment using avocado. Always follow up a protein treatment with a moisturizing deep conditioner. I personally love Essations Naked Honey & Almond Moisture Whip Conditioner.

For those who aren’t big fans of protein you can skip this, but NEVER skip out on deep conditioning.

Step 3: Section your hair

Section your hair into 4 to 6 sections. Secure the sections with butterfly clamps.

Step #4: Apply a light leave in conditioner thoroughly to each section

Never underestimate the ability of a leave in conditioner! They help to make your more manageable and make the process go by smoother. You Be Natural Smoothing and Defrizzing Creme is a leave-in that doubles as a heat protectant, which is for sure a win, win.

Step #5:  Thoroughly detangle each section

Always detangle from the ends of your hair and work your way up. Use a wide tooth comb and to further smooth things out use a paddle brush. Work on each section one at a time and secure with the butterfly clamps when you are done.

Step #6: Blow dry section by section

Take your time and blow dry section by section. The better you get your hair with the blow out the better the outcome. The Conair Pro Silver Bird is a pretty awesome and inexpensive blow dryer that I use to have. But this is one that’s used in natural hair salons. It’s so good at what it does that you most likely will see results using the medium heat setting. Don’t be afraid to try using the cool air setting either. You can use the cool air to remove the excess water from your hair first and then follow up with medium heat to stretch your hair. Make a point to avoid harsh heat exposure as much as you can.

Step #7: Flat Iron

Use a light product like Chi Silk Infusion to protect each section and flat iron. Work in very small sections. This helps to eliminate the need to pass over the hair too many times. When you work in small sections you may only need to go over the hair once, at the most twice. Although it sounds tedious, this part really doesn’t take long at all and gives you a more sleek finished look.

Check out these flat irons.

Step 8# Caring for your hair afterwards

To preserve your style you can wrap your hair or you can do pin curls using bobby pins at night. You don’t want your hair to be too weighed down so as needed you can apply a lightweight oil to your hair like jojoba or sweet almond oil. When your hair starts to revert don’t immediately grab for the flat iron! To reduce frizz roller set your hair. I was able to smooth my hair out using You Be Natural Smoothing and Defrizzing Creme on the ends of my hair and then rolling my hair with magnetic rollers (avoid sponge rollers).

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