12 Gorgeous Loc Hairstyles for Spring


Spring! ‘Tis the season for up-swept hair, intricate details and bold color! You loc-wearers are by no means left out of all the fun. I scoured the web and found 12 beautiful loc hairstyles to rock this spring right on into summertime!

As the temperatures slowly rise, we often look to keep our hair as out of the way as possible. For those with longer lengths, updos are a popular go-to to stay cool.

Let’s come right out the gate with this… locs flat twisted into an upward french braid which transitions into what looks like barrel rolls. It may sound like a lot is going on, but I’m all about big hair and I think it works. How ’bout you?


Warmer often means adding a little spice with some hair color. I love the honey blonde and red/blonde combos we’ve been seeing.



How about this side-swept style for an evening out or formal event? Love the detail, cascading curls and the hint of color on the ends.Loc-Hairstyles-Side-Braids

One solution to getting your hair off of your neck and shoulders as it gets warmer is simple… cut it! This asymmetrical bob is not only functional but is stylish and chic!

Loc knots are a creative way to achieve a sort of bob look while still keeping your length. You can wear the style as is or use it to set the hair for super coily curls. Jasmine Rose shows us how it’s done.

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Who doesn’t love a classic bun?! They’re great for any occasion and you have a number of options on how you’d like to create one to suit your fancy. You can simply put you hair in a ponytail then roll and tuck the hair under. I love the front swoop for some added flair…


OR you can bring the hair to the crown and twist the hair around itself to for an elegant top knot, like so.


Speaking of bun, watch Chescalocs below demonstrate a simple bun technique to create the fauxhawk look.


There are SO many ways you can achieve the look of a mohawk with locs! Here’s another gorgeous style where the locs are flat twisted on either side to meet at the center and then double-rolled to finish the look.

Niyya uses barrel rolls to get her look and added a little bang action… I like!


Last but not least, how lovely is this intricate updo?! Again, the hair is twisted toward the center in back, the ocs at the crown are combined to form larger twists and are then sculpted for the desire shape and height.


What are your go-to loc hairstyles when the weather gets warmer? Who are some of your favorite loc inspirations?

*photos: Pinterest


3 thoughts on “12 Gorgeous Loc Hairstyles for Spring

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  2. Anne

    Loved the side-swept style, simply superb 🙂 I believe it would take some time though 😦 Videos are great, very helpful.

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