5 Ways to Define Your Natural Texture


If you think curl definition- like, defining your actual natural texture- is reserved for those with looser curls and waves, think again! Here are five ways to get that curl definition no matter your texture!

Wash and Go

I know those of us with kinkier hair tend to shy away from these and I totally get why. Once moisture hits it, our hair shrinks up with no mercy. Our shoulder length kinks shrivel up to our ears and we look like we’re back to our TWA days. But forget what ya heard! Wash and gos can be achieved with any texture and any length! It’s all about technique.

While the wash and go, as we know it, is way more than the term actually implies, India of My Natural Sistas demonstrates a rather quick way to achieve the style. And, yes, this is usually more of a warm weather ‘do, so you ladies in the warmer locales may still be interested in rocking this look. But this method may have you thinking about trying it in the cooler months as well!

The Shingling Technique

As your hair begins to get some more length, the shingling technique might work for you since it requires you actually getting your fingers to the roots and raking them through to the ends of your strands. While this does involve moisture and kinkier textures will shrink, the action of raking or shingling the hair can help you show off a little more of your length.

Regal Fro gives us a clear and thorough demo of this technique with some reminders about each person’s individual curl pattern and texture.

Finger/Comb Coils⇒Coil Out

This is a great option for shorter hair cuts and medium lengths but, of course, can be done with pretty much any length of hair. This is one of the simplest techniques to define your natural texture… you can’t get this wrong! Just twirl the hair around your finger with a little product for hold and you’re done.

Look how amazing this is on Mini Marley’s tapered cut!

If you like, you can totally make this a two in one hair style- rock your coils for a few days and then separate when you’re ready to flaunt bigger hair. Wanna see how it looks on someone with a tighter curl? Watch how Being Melody does it in this quick tutorial.

If you’re interested in learning how to achieve those coils using the comb technique, here’s a simple how-to for executing comb coils as a wet set to transition into a curly fro.

Sponge Coils

This method is usually reserved for very short cuts as well as for the shorter sections (usually the sides and back) of funky tapered cuts. She’kia Renae shows us how to quickly turn a simple cropped cut into gorgeous curls that pop using a sponge.

Brush Coils

With a similar technique as the sponge, MissKenK uses a boar bristle brush to accomplish the same flawless look on her tapered fro.

One thing that can’t be stressed enough is that these techniques will only define the curl pattern that you already have! Neither the products or the methods used will produce curls but they will accentuate your natural coils or curls. So don’t expect your hair to look exactly like someone who has a different texture from you.

Which of these methods have you used to define YOUR natural texture? Are there other techniques out there that we should try?

Feature image: My Natural Sistas

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