Best Tool You Need For the Perfect Puff

Photo Credit: @redlilmissy


The puff is the go to when first starting your natural hair journey. I know the puff can seem like this simple hairstyle but trust me it sometimes can be difficult in knowing the right products or tools to use to get the right look. I believe you know what I’m talking about either you feel it doesn’t look right, edges are frizzy or it feels so tight where you feel like your about to lose your edges immediately. On top of that finding the right headband can be a big pain in the butt. The large headband is too big, and I mean your really lucky if you find a headband that you can wrap around your hair twice.

It’s time to throw away the headbands and hair bands and get these tools that will help with a killer puff. The tool I like the most is the Stocking. Either a knee high or take one of your old stockings and cut towards the knee to be able to give you some room to stretch. If you feel this length is too long, feel free to cut the stocking shorter. What I like about the stocking choice are:

  • More Flexibility: Flexibility means it’s able to stretch how you want so you will not not be restricted in a certain . Restricted headbands leads to an increase in breakage.
  • More Control: You’re able to control how your puff looks and how big or small you want your puff to be.

But here are some other alternatives:


Puff Cuff

In the video below, Journey to WaistLength puts her stocking on to the desire height she wants it. Don’t forget to moisturize your hair with your desired product. Find more about how to maintain daily moisture

Journey to Wash Length puts the gel on first, Eco Styler Gel in any color is fine except the darker labels due to the protein. Once gel is applied then wrap stocking in a knot in your stocking to begin forming your puff. Once the puff is formed, guide the stocking to how big or small you want it by how much you pull the stocking up the back or front. Once your puff its where it’s supposed to be feel free to tie down flyaways through brushing the hair with a toothbrush or brush. Then Puff is complete!!

Is the puff style your favorite? What is your favorite tool for your puff?


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