11 Places to Find Bomb Head Wraps!

11 Places to Find Bomb Head Wraps!

Whether you’re looking for head wraps to compliment your look or you just need a cute accessory as a quick fix for a bad hair day, we’ve pulled together some of the best places to find just the right head wrap for you!

1. The Wrap Life

Born in Brooklyn, The Wrap Life has grown from just a thought to a thriving brand since going live in 2014. In an effort to simply fill her own need for head wraps, creator Nnenna Stella started a business that now ships hand-printed designs to women across the globe! And thanks to the simple wrap tutorials right there on the site, you’ll always have a fun, new way to style your head wrap.

11 Places to Find Bomb Head Wraps!

2. Fanmdjanm

I discovered this brand last year at an event in Harlem and fell in love.

Fanm djanm means “strong woman” in Haitian Kreyòl. Lifestyle blogger Paola Mathe (pictured) created the brand of vibrant head wraps as a way to celebrate strong women all over the world. The movement itself is meant to encourage women to be bold, be beautiful and know that each one of us is a fanm djanm in our own way.

11 Places to Find Bomb Head Wraps!

3. Africanly Fab/Eva’s Head Wraps

With so many traditional African prints and brightly colored patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find something that will suit your unique taste at Eva’s Head Wraps.

11 Places to Find Bomb Head Wraps!

4. Constant Covering

What make’s this brand stand out is that their head wraps are pre-tied!

Stay-at-home-mom Shawn Clarke (below) created Constant Covering out of need. Time often escapes you when taking care of the kiddies and you’re left with little time to spend on yourself. These pre-tied head wraps are great when you need to get out the door quickly but still look fierce while doing the mommy thing! The best part- they’re satin-lined for your hair’s protection.

11 Places to Find Bomb Head Wraps!

5. Elinorah.com

This brand was created by triple threat- Personal Stylist, Image Consultant and Creative Director- Krystine Green. Her handmade wraps are created with love in Southern Cali and featured in an online boutique whose main goal is to empower women.


6. Wrap With Jahfya

This Etsy shop houses all types of wraps that will work especially for those with locs but are definitely suitable for anyone- men, women, if you’re rocking braids, a TWA or a full head of long, kinky hair. With tube wraps, cotton wraps, stretch wraps and even headbands, there’s a little something for everyone!

7. Ankara Kouture

Inspired by the culture of her Senegalese husband, Najwa Niang created Ankara Kouture in 2014. Made with almost two yards of fabric, you have more than enough to work with to create plenty of styles for any occasion.



8. Royal House of Wraps

Created by mom and entrepreneur Natalie Taylor, this brand features head wraps for both you and your little one! You’ll find prints and styles fit for a queen at Royal House. With ‘Mommie and Me’ sets also available, you and your mini me can be twinsies for a day.

Head-Wraps-Royal-House-Mommie-Me Head-Wraps-Royal-House-of-Wraps

9. Diva Headwraps

Based in Australia, Diva Headwraps began in the tradition of the women of Cape Town, South Africa where founder, Charmaine Idris, was born. She carried this tradition and the technique of batik-making to Australia to create beautiful head wraps as a link to her culture and bold compliments to any outfit.


10. Fabric Store

If you can’t wait for shipping or need a specific color scheme to match an outfit, run over to your local fabric store! There, you’ll have an abundance of colors and materials to choose from. A good two yards of fabric should do the trick.

11. Pretty Much Any Clothing Store!

I’ve found that some women think a head wrap needs to be a piece of fabric designated as such. But you can find pretty scarves, usually meant to wear around your neck, at your favorite clothing stores and can just slap it on your head! Scoop up a few while clothing shopping and get creative! The one I’m wearing below is a year old purchase from Old Navy.


And there you have it! I hope this list will help you build your collection of head wraps so you can be fab and fierce this season!

Do you own wraps from any of these retailers? Who did we miss… where do YOU go to find your head wraps?

*Photos: Instagram (@fanmdjanm-by @islandboiphotography, @thewraplife– by @sirdexrjones, @shopelinorah, @constantcovering, @evasheadwraps, @royalhouseofwraps, @tobnatural); Diva Headwraps Online; Ankara Kouture- Nadira037

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  2. C w

    Good info. Sometimes alot actually i dont want to do anything with my hair. I lost all my hair 2 years ago to chemo. It came back naturally curly but straight but now becoming thicker and harder to manage….i think if i knew the righy products i would get my hair to look naturally curly easier. Still a work in progress I Thank God my hair is longer and thicker and curly than before the chemo…thanks


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