4 Ways to Get Vacation-Ready Hair

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Spring is here and warmer weather is upon us! Before you book that flight for the perfect getaway, check out these vacation hair styles that’ll keep your hair protected while you have fun in the sun!


I’ve rounded up four easy-to-follow tutorials from Maria Antoinette so you can learn how to get vacation-ready hair at home.


Cornrows are probably one of the most popular vacation hair styles for their simplicity and the minimal maintenance required once they’re done. Tie it down at night with your satin or silk scarf to keep the hair from getting fuzzy and frizzy too quickly. Refresh with a moisturizing spritz in the morning to keep your scalp supple and give the hair shine.

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Here’s a tutorial perfect for beginners to learn the basics of cornrowing.


Ghana Braids


Once you’ve got the concept of cornrowing down, you can attempt Ghana Braids, a slightly fancier approach to cornrows. Parting is the key when it comes to these braids and they’re generally thicker or wider than your average cornrows. Maria shows us how to master that “invisible” look (no knot) to achieve flawless braids. The end result is super fun and light, perfect for vacation.

Box Braids

If you know how to do a basic braid, this should be pretty easy to pick up. Box braids is another go-to vacation hair style for many, mainly because it’s so versatile. You can wear the braids down, pull them up into a ponytail if it gets too hot or into a bun for swimming. For a day of sight-seeing or a night on the town, pull half of the braids up for an instant change. Here are some more style suggestions.
Tip: To help reduce the risk of excessive shedding or breakage when you take your style down, be sure to keep your hair and scalp moisturized so that your protective style can actually serve its purpose.

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This step-by-step will help you get the braiding technique down.


Head Wraps

When all else fails, head wraps to the rescue! With a few basic colors that you can mix and match with different outfits, you should be set while on vacation. You can find some pretty patterns at just about any of your favorite clothing stores or run over to your local fabric store for about 2-3 yards of a fun print.
Tip: Help keep your hair moisturized by using a satin scarf underneath a cotton head wrap.
Protect your hair and be fashionable all at once. Here are a few beautiful styles you can create.

Your turn! What vacation hair styles are you thinking about doing for your spring or summer getaways?

*images: themariaantoinette.com; YouTube-MariaAntoinetteTV


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