How to Get Perfect Goddess Faux Locs- Tutorial

When photos of Meagan Good rocking these gorgeous goddess faux locs began circulating around the interwebs, we ALL wanted to know who, what and how! The style, created by Trichologist, salon owner and stylist to the stars Dr. Kari Williams, has a softer look than we’re used to with regular faux locs and is reminiscent of Lisa Bonet’s beautiful natural locs.


If you’re like the thousands who have been sharing photos of this style all over social media, you’ve likely been looking in awe, wondering if and how you can achieve this look on your own. Well, it didn’t take long for one of our favorite vloggers to give us what we wanted!


In the tutorial below, Donna shows us the simple method she used to achieve beautiful, lightweight goddess faux locs.

What Kind of Hair?

The key is using two different textures of synthetic hair. For your “base”, you would use a wavy texture like the kind you may normally use for crochet braids.

These might include

To form the actual loc,

Before You Start…

Of course, you’ll wanna make sure your hair is well-moisturized before installing your locs, as you would with any other protective style. Using the L.O.C. Method of moisturizing, with your hair already damp, apply your leave-in conditioner of choice and follow with an oil and then a cream.

It may also be helpful to use a bit of a butter or paste like the one used here, Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste. This will help smooth the hair down, making it easy to work for the best results.

Super easy, right? And it’s good to know that these goddess faux locs are flexible and light, different from what many have experienced with regular faux locs. This makes it the perfect warm weather protective style as we start getting ready for summer vacations and beach getaways!

Now that spring is upon us, do you think you might give goddess faux locs a try? If you’ve already tried them, how does it compare to other extension styles you’ve worn?

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*Photo credits: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images;; Donedo Instagram


7 thoughts on “How to Get Perfect Goddess Faux Locs- Tutorial

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      1. Keet

        Toia, I am calling my shop tomorrow. I did the big chop in January, been wearing crochet braids since and the results have been amazing. I’d like to achieve the same look as Ms Good. Which hair combination would you suggest to get the look? I am eager to rock these asap😊

      2. Toia Barry Post author

        Hi Keet,

        I would suggest any combo of hair listed within the post itself. The ones used in the YouTube tutorial may be your best bet as far as cost. Hope this helps.

  2. Shavavian Allister

    How long do the synthetic locs last? I saw Jessica Pettaway’s video first, and she said 3-4 months!! But she had them done professionally and with human hair. I’ll be doing mine myself with synthetic hair.


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