7 Short Natural Hair Beauties to Inspire You!

Short-Natural-Hair-Inspo-Main (1)
Short natural hair has become far more than a trend within the natural hair community as many are finding that what matters most is health, not length. These seven naturalistas prove that you don’t need long hair to be an inspiration!


has been rocking short natural hair for quite some time now that has transitioned from shaved sides to tapered, from various shades of purple to the color combo below and back to purple again. She doesn’t let length stop her from being super creative with a wide range of styles. There’s no doubt that her hair is just as healthy as it is cute!


cute curls look amazing in this variation of the tapered cut. Whether in a twist-out or rod set, her hair maintains a lustrous look which beautifully sets off the shape.

Annisa LiMara

cut off her fluffy mane last year to reveal a beautiful cropped blonde cut. Nothing like a cut AND color to make a woman feel brand new! Man, if this doesn’t make you question your length goals and grab the clippers…


thick, kinky tapered hair is like a sculpture. I’d like to think this is what I might look like if I had short natural hair.

Alexandria Nicole’s

luscious coils and undercut has had me swooning for months! Would you be so bold?


has found her signature look in this tapered cut. It definitely suits the shape of her face and takes any fabulous outfit to new levels.

Avielle Amor

rounds out the list with her gorgeous head of cropped coils. She knows how to work that hair and, yes, that makeup is on point too!
So, who says short natural hair isn’t beautiful?! It’s plain to see from these seven ladies that it’s not all about length! Keeping your hair healthy is the most important thing.
Whether you’re just starting out on your natural hair journey and have a TWA or you’re contemplating a cut but you’re on the fence, let this be your inspiration!
*Photos: Instagram; YouTube (AvielleAmor)

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