Get the Look: Teyonah Parris’ Red Carpet Hair!


Teyonah Parris’ red carpet hair has been getting our attention over the past three years. With these six simple tutorials, you too can achieve some of her fierce looks!

SAG Awards, January 2013

When Teyonah arrived at the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards, time seemed to stop on social media. Every natural hair page was swooning over this flawless sculpted updo created by celeb stylist Felicia Leatherwood.


I wondered, who would be bold enough to attempt this gorgeousness? It didn’t take long for vloggers to figure out their own methods for mimicking the style!

Ms Vaughn didn’t disappoint when she came up with a super easy and creative way to achieve a very similar look to the one miss Parris flaunted down that red carpet.

Ms Vaughn’s method as well as this one by Tiffany Nichols works best on you ladies with medium length hair and longer. But if your hair is on the shorter side and you need a little help, the “bun” option in this tutorial, also by Tiffany Nichols, can help you achieve a comparable look with added synthetic hair.

Mad Men Season 6 Premiere, March 2013

The bun is by far my favorite style for three reasons. One: it’s a protective style and I get to leave my hair alone for a week or so. Two: buns are so versatile and can be worn for any occasion. Three: they don’t take long to do, perfect for you busy moms, if you’re pressed for time or just feeling lazy! This bun, styled by Darico Jackson, perfectly finished off Teyonah’s look for the Mad Men premiere.


Brittany of Kyss My Hair does a fabulous job of recreating the style using a simple technique with Marley braiding hair. Feel free to use synthetic hair that matches your natural texture the best.

Bright Ideas Magazine Shoot, 2014

Nothing says “big hair, don’t care” like the frohawk! In an elegant shoot in LA with photographer Evan Lane, Teyonah dons this epic style executed by Felicia Leatherwood.


If you’re not quite sure how to get your hair to do this, take a few notes from Jessica Pettway. She even shows you how to create the style on your little one. With your product of choice, some pins and a brush (or just your hands), you can rock a bold frohawk too!

Essence Black Women in Hollywood, February 2015

Here’s another take on the classic bun styled by Darico Jackson. This updo takes on a larger form with lots of texture and dimension.


Get the look by using Marley braiding hair or any synthetic hair with texture. While the results of the bun in this tutorial differ slightly from Teyonah’s look, the technique (of the 1st style option) plus a little more hair for height and the right placement can have you red carpet-ready.

The Academy Governors Awards, November 2015

Last but not least, here’s a beautiful set of twists installed by LA stylist Adele Supreme and styled by Darico Jackson into an updo for the 7th annual Academy Governors Awards.


If you’d like to try your hand at installing twists, here’s an easy-to-follow tutorial by HairDeLaCreme to get you started. Skip to about the 10 minute mark for a close-up view on how to get those roots just right.

So, are you ready for Teyonah Parris red carpet hair? Which one of these fabulous styles will you be trying first?

Photos: Evan Lane (Frohawk); Teyonah Parris Instagram


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