How I Regrew My Bald Spot in Just 3 Months

How I Regrew My Bald Spot in Just Three Months!Ijeoma of Klassy Kinks admits she was a little embarrassed that she had a bald spot. As a natural hair blogger, she felt vulnerable to share on Youtube and Instagram about her “post-coloring breakage, bald spot debacle. But found lots of support online.  There were also a lot of hypotheses about what could be the cause.

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One theory was that Ijeoma had a thyroid disorder, another one was alopecia, and yet another said that using a hair steamer immediately after coloring her hair caused the damage. But after few months there was progress.

I would like to add that hair breakage and balding are alopecia. Alopecia means hair loss. There are different types. Some forms can be treated and hair does grow back like in this case.  You can read more about this topic here; dermatologist, Dr. Susan Taylor, gives a great breakdown of alopecia, breakage and more.

Klassy Kinks believes over-manipulating by coloring, blow drying, and using a curling wand (without a heat protectant) in a week’s span made her hair most vulnerable in the lightest area at the crown. She implemented  low-maintenance styling, a protein treatment, and protective styling with crochet braids to encourage the hair to grow back in the breakage area. Find out more by watching her video below.

Remember, it’s always important to rule out any internal factors or health issues when there’s the appearance of a bald spot. Here are 5 Things You Should Do If You Notice a Bald Spot.


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