4 Age-Appropriate Kids Natural Hair Styles


For you busy moms looking for simple ways to style your daughters’ hair, I’ve rounded up four cute kids natural hair styles that are perfect for school and keep your children looking like children.

3 Sections & Twist

For this first style, all you need to know how to do is twist… easy enough, right? And if you’re already used to twisting up your own hair for twist-outs, this should be a breeze! It’s a take on a style that ALL of us probably wore at one time or another during our childhood. The only difference is that you’ll be putting multiple twists in each section for some fullness and little creativity.

Since a style like this can last you up to a week or so, you can create some variation by wrapping each section of twists around themselves for cute twisted buns.

The High Puff

You can’t go wrong with this one. The puff is probably the most universal style in the textured hair world and is the perfect style for those days when you both need to get out the door in a hurry. Add a flower or cute bow to spice it up.

If your little girl’s hair is short or on the thin side and you’d like to create the illusion of volume, this tutorial from Yoshidoll is for you! Watch the “trick” her mom uses to make her puff ponytail look fuller.

Donut Bun

Take the puff and transform it! Whether it’s picture day, the first day of school or their first dance recital, the bun is a sleek style appropriate for any occasion and can last up until the next wash day with daily touch-ups. Watch as Jessica demonstrates one way top achieve the popular donut bun.

I also really like this variation which includes an upward french braid at the back.

Half Up, Half Down

This had to be one of my favorite styles growing up! I couldn’t wait to wear my super-thick hair out and flip it like I was grown. LOL! The concept is simple- divide the hair into two parts, bring the front portion up into a bun and let the rest fly. You can either blow the hair out, set the free hair in twists or braids overnight for a chunky textured look or you can just use product to define your little one’s natural curl pattern.

Tip: If you want this one to last, be sure to loosely twist or braid the free hair in three or four easy-to-manage sections at night. In the morning, just loosen, fluff and go!

The way I see it, kids natural hair styles should be simple yet able to withstand the life of an active child! Hopefully, these four styles have given you some inspiration for your little naturalista. Which one will you be trying?


*Feature Image via Yoshidoll/YouTube.com


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