5 Tips for an Easier Wash Day!


Easier wash day?! How?! I know, it almost seems impossible. But wash day will seem a little less like work if you try these five tips!

Keep Hair Stretched

I’ve found that keeping my hair in a stretched state as much as I can will help make cleansing sooooo much easier than if I let my hair shrink prior to wash day and I’m done much quicker. This helps keep the hair already somewhat detangled and will cut the time you’ll need to spend on that part of the process.

Wash in Sections

Again, you want to keep your hair as detangled as possible so you’re not fighting with it later. Washing your hair in as many sections as you feel you need to be effective will help keep it manageable and less likely to curl up on itself. When my hair was shorter, I cleansed my hair in about 6-8 sections. Now that I have some length, I can do four sections with no problem. That may work for you as well, but through trial and error, you’ll find what works for you!

Wash Your Hair in the Shower

Sticking my head in the sink to get my hair washed as a little girl was the norm in my house every weekend. And I’m sure many of us still so this. But the idea of cleansing my hair while standing in the shower was the best thing to happen to me and makes sense. As the shower water runs down the strands, you can follow the flow of the water and easily run your fingers through to detangle while rinsing. Basically, gravity is on your side!

Plan Ahead

Know what products you’ll be using and have them on-hand. Keep your shampoo and conditioner in the shower as well as your deep conditioner if that’s something you know you’ll use regularly. Lay out your leave-in conditioner, oils, butters or stylers so you can put your hand on them once your shampooing and conditioning is done. If you plan to use hair tools like a hair steamer or hair dryer, put them in a place where you can get to it quickly along with your styling products. The idea is to keep the flow going as you go straight from washing to styling.

Have FUN!

I know, wash day can seem like such a chore and many of us don’t look forward to it. But if you look at the day as another opportunity to do something fun with your hair and enhance your beauty, it won’t seem as bad. Pick out a cute hair style you’d like to try, get in front of the mirror and make it work! I like to put on some tunes and make it an experience. Music can set the mood for anything, even wash day! So, throw on your favorite playlist, hop in the shower and have a ball!

What things do you incorporate into your routine to make for an easier wash day?


4 thoughts on “5 Tips for an Easier Wash Day!

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  2. LaCharmine (L.A) Jefferson

    While washing my hair in the shower is best sometimes I just don’t feel like it. All the getting undressed, dressing again, etc. Anyway, my wash days have become easier for me these days. I’ve actually been washing weekly for the past month, something I never thought I’d do. With my style of choice being a bun, I think not having to think about styling has alleviated some stress. After washing, conditioning and deep conditioning, I let air dry after twisting in medium twist. To stretch it, I pin the twists around my head. I don’t rock big hair that often so my stuck with natural hair is how to style quickly for short notice night out. Suggestions?

  3. Toia B.

    Hi LaCharmaine! Thanks for the feedback! 🙂 As far as washing hair in the shower, I figure I need to shower anyways so I just do it then. So basically, I’m not taking a separate “shower” just to wash my hair.

    As for a quick style for a short notice outing, I’ve been there! What I like to do is a simple roll and tuck style. I just untwist my hair and play around with the hair placement. The simplest style is to part a “U” shape at the front, put the back in a french upward and either leave the front out for a bang or roll it back to form a sort of pompadour. I hope this helps! 😉

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