I am Using Hair Oil But…My Hair is Still Dry!

using oil hair dry

Using oil and wondering why your hair is still dry? The answer is simple. Oil is not a moisturizer, although many make the mistake of thinking that it is. If you have tried countless pomades, greases or oils in efforts to moisturize your hair and wonder why they have failed this is why.

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It’s not surprising that a lot of people do not know what a moisturizer is, as we were taught to think that oils moisturize our hair and often taught to fear the one true source of moisture; water. In order to effectively moisturize your hair you should be using plain water or a water based product. Without adding water to the mix you are doom to have parched hair.

While it is true that some oils like coconut oil have conditioning properties and can penetrate the hair shaft, this still is not enough you must add water.

Oil is best used a sealant in a natural hair care regimen. Use oil as a part of the LOC (liquid/leave in, oil and cream) method for moisture and you will see better results, than simply using oil to moisturize your strands:

  • First section your hair
  • Apply a Liquid (Water) or Leave In Conditioner (Water Based) to each section
  • Then use the oil of your choice to seal the moisture from the water or leave in conditioner into your strands
  • Add cream to your hair as your final layer, set and style

The oil helps your hair hold onto the water molecules. In some cases, if you are not using an oil like Coconut, Olive or Avocado oil it will not have the same effect and you will have to change the order to LCO (liquid, cream, and oil).

Learn more aboutThe LOC Method.

Essentially oil can be used to keep the moisture you put into hair, but on its own it’s likely to do little to nothing. So don’t expect oil to provide the hydration that you need. Expect it to help retain that moisture. Make this change and you will see a reduction in the dryness you experience.


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