4 Ways to Straighten Natural Hair- No Heat Needed

straighten natural hair no heat

Occasional heat to straighten natural hair isn’t so bad, but you definitely do not want to rely on it every time you would like to stretch or straighten your hair. Read 7 Lies About Using Heat on Natural Hair

Thankfully there are options to straighten your hair without heat:

Crown Braid n’ Butter

Crown Braid for Stretch Natural Hair

Image Source: NaijaCurls.com

Recently I created my own mix of whipped Shea Butter applied this to my hair and plaited it into two thick goddess styled braided crowns around the circumference of my hair. This essentially left me with nearly straightened/blown out looking hair after I removed my braids the next day. Butters are great when you need some stretch and the thickness of Shea Butter puts in that work. Whip your Shea Butter and try mixing with some of your favorite oils as Shea Butter in its raw form is often way too thick and clumpy. Braids also tend to be more effective at extending your hair then twists tend to be, so when you pair butter and braids, expect magic!

Roller Sets (Flexi Rods + CurlFormers)

Flexi Rod Set Straighten Natural Hair

 Image Source: KinkyCurlyCoilyMe.com

Roller sets will give you the appearance of straightened out hair without the need to even touch heat. For the best stretch use flexi rods or CurlFormers as their lengthy design will give you more stretch than a perm rod for example. I highly recommend setting your hair using a styling foam or setting lotion. This will give you longer lasting style, it cuts down on frizz and your hair will have some nice movement. Here’s a video tutorial on how to use flexirods.

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banding natural hair
Image Source: YouTube

Banding is the use of hair ties along the length of your hair to create some stretch. First moisturize your hair. Then separate your hair into at least 4 sections (more sections are likely to give you more stretch). Let your hair set overnight and undo your sections in the morning.

African Threading

African threading to straighten natural hair

Image Source: Instagram

African threading works the same way as banding. The only difference is thread (the same you use for sew in weaves) is used instead. Like banding this method is time-consuming, but the results are pretty incredible and save your hair from heat damage. It will look just as if you just blew your hair out without the need to grab for your hair dryer.

5 thoughts on “4 Ways to Straighten Natural Hair- No Heat Needed

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  2. Lola

    A super easy way to stretch hair is to simply bun it. After washing, separate hair into quarters. Apply Loc method, detangle and twist into 4 buns and leave to dry. A quick brush through a few hours later and re-twist helps make it even straighter and smoother. This might take a day or so but it also yields lovely soft moisturised hair.

  3. s

    I 2 strand twist or flat twist my 4 b hair, then band to get more stretch on my twistouts. I do this on freshly washed hair and during the 2 weeks after.

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