4 Ways to Wear Rod Set Curls


Whether you’ve got short natural hair, long textured hair, super kinky strands or loose curls, a rod set is a great way to switch things up by temporarily creating a whole new texture in your hair. You can rock a head full of curls or use them to accentuate a style. Keep reading to see what I mean.

Shirley Temple-ish Curls

Below, Toni demonstrates how to get flawless curls without heat. If you want to wear the curls on their own, paying attention to the placement of your rods is key to have the hair lay the way you like. For a curly fro look, placement may not be as important unless you like a side part. In that case, when you get to that area of the hair, be sure to roll your rods away from the part.

Super-Defined Curls

As opposed to the above technique where you’re simply rolling the hair onto the perm rod as you would when doing a regular roller set, using a “twist and roll” method will help you get an ultra-defined look. Twisting as you wind the hair onto the rod adds another dimension of texture and kinda smooths the hair out as well.

On Short & Tapered Hair

If you’re currently rocking a short do or a tapered cut, this next tutorial will give you hope. Watch how MissKenK achieves this curly look on her tapered hair using rods of various sizes.

If you love the look of a tapered cut but not sure how it’ll look on you or you’re not ready to take the scissors to your hair just yet, this “faux tapered” tutorial by pRoy is for you. Her technique for setting the hair is simple and makes complete sense for getting the look of short hair in the back with more length at the top.

High Puff

In this tutorial, the rod set curls are used to create texture for a puff. Janae jazzes up the style further with some simple twists in the back- a super easy way to use a few style elements to create one unique style.


Perm rods can also be used to help make the ends of your twist-outs and braid-outs look more polished. If you’re transitioning, try using rod sets as a way to blend the two textures until you’re ready to chop those straight ends.

Are rod sets in your natural hair styling rotation? What methods have you used?


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