FDA is Cracking Down on Small Natural Hair Companies

The FDA is Cracking Down on Small Natural Hair Companies like Alikay Naturals & Others

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has warned consumers against using Alikay Naturals Bentonite Me Baby due to a potential risk of lead poisoning after finding elevated levels of lead in the product.

They are asking consumers to refrain from purchasing or using the product. It is also recommend that they and any children that have come in contact with the product to seek medical attention. Even though no medical cases of lead poisoning have been associated with the product; it’s still a concern of the FDA.  They learned from Minnesota Department of Health that Bentonite Me Baby may contain lead.

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The product label states that Bentonite Me Baby can either be applied topically or ingested to reap the claimed benefits of the purifying and detoxifying agent.

FDA laboratory analysis of the product found elevated lead levels.  Exposure to lead can cause serious damage to the central nervous system, the kidneys, and the immune system. In children, chronic exposure to lead, even at low levels, is associated with impaired cognitive function, including reduced IQ, behavioral difficulties, and other problems.

According to Black Hair Information.com, Alikay Naturals is a brand dedicated to creating some of the best all-natural, chemical free products to meet the various hair and skincare needs of their customers. The company was formed in 2009 after the founder, Rochelle Graham-Campbell, went natural a few years prior and couldn’t find any products to suit her needs.

Fast forward to nearly seven years later, Alikay Naturals has progressed significantly and has become a staple in many natural and relaxed women’s hair regimens. The brand offers great products for all hair and skin types, but in recent news it has become the center of budding controversy due to a warning put out by the FDA.

Alikay Naturals has responded to the FDA warning with a press release. Below is an excerpt

Bentonite Clay is a natural clay that is a detoxifier used on the skin, hair and body. There are several sources that educate consumers on how to use and the benefits of bentonite clay. Bentonite Me Baby has been available on the Alikay Naturals website since 2010 and was recently released online and in major retail stores.  Our label specifies that it is not recommended that the Bentonite Me Baby be mixed with a metal spoon or metal utensils. Rochelle Graham is the CEO of Black Onyx World, LLC as well as beauty and lifestyle vlogger known as BlackOnyx77. Alikay Naturals and BlackOnyx77 do not recommend nor have promoted the use of Bentonite Me Baby on children. There have not been any videos, posts, or statements demonstrating or suggesting the ingestion of Bentonite Me Baby from Alikay Naturals or BlackOnyx77. Alikay Naturals has not received any reports or complaints regarding Bentonite Me Baby in association with elevated levels of lead prior to the release of the report released by the FDA.

“Although, our previous label stated the benefits of hair, skin and internal use of bentonite, we never provided the recommendations or recipes for internal consumption. The label did provide recommendations for the use on hair and skin. In addition, our label advised that the consumer consulted a physician if they chose to do it internally. Our Bentonite Me Baby is not marketed as a food or consumption product. We do not support the use of this product on children. I have a genuinely transparent relationship with all of my consumers, many who have been around before the release of Bentonite Me Baby. There are thousands who have used our product on a consistent basis without any problems. I will be releasing a video statement to give specific details surrounding the FDA’s investigations and findings,” said Rochelle Graham. Read Full Press Release

Alikay Natural is not the first to be reprimanded for package claims and usage, I predicate we will see more of this in future. Many sources make claims about product and ingredient benefits and usage but most are not back by the Food and Drug Administration.

For example, Biotin is know as a Skin, Hair, and Nail vitamin but medical professionals are unsure if it even strengthens or grows hair.  Many hair vitamins on the market are not FDA approved.

Some companies could receive a home visit from a FDA inspector to ensure no false drug or health claims are made by these product companies.


10 thoughts on “FDA is Cracking Down on Small Natural Hair Companies

  1. From Me To U Essentials

    Natural product creators (like myself) and people in the natural hair biz really need to pay attention to the laws being passed as it pertains to the natural beauty biz and so forth. There is good money to be made in the natural body care and hair biz and the FDA and US Gov want a piece of the pie. Natural products, often times are made from natural raw ingredients that are non-harmful compared to the products that are made in big labs and companies. This is a ploy to make it difficult for natural product maker to succeed. Ultimately, they want us to succumb to the red tape that they are trying to put in place. It’s time to ban together!

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  3. Shiloh

    I totally agree. There is a drive to discredit the natural movement and to discourage others from making healthier choices through the usual fearmongering.
    They’d rather we continue to make poor choices by ladening ourselves with chemicals I can’t pronounce the name of.
    As usual, its selective ‘outrage’ by the controllers.

  4. Dominque

    I seriously think that this is just a set up because they see many small businesses are becoming successful online. There is a natural movement and the FDA is trying to stop what we have going on. This is a black owned company that was getting too big for their likings.

  5. Art

    All of a sudden now they are concerned with people. How about using that energy for the water issue in Michigan, if they are so concerned why do we have so many pharmaceutical drugs that are supposed to help with one problem, but can create 15 or more new problems including death or heart attacks.

  6. Jules

    The FDA is not addressing half the crap in stuff but yet just happened to find their way over to the natural hair care products. I call bull puckie. Just one more way to restrict certain folks. Modern day Jim Crowing.

    1. Angela

      Didn’t we just find out that Subway has been putting styrofoam or yoga mat material in their bread for years! the FDA does not care about trying to help us or to keep us healthy or safe they care about protecting big business that’s it! this is a way for them to try and make things harder for small business. They allow the food companies to kill us with all of these toxic things they’re putting in our food that we ingest!!! but I guess some of the big hair care companies are starting to notice they’re losing money. This is beyond crap and I smell government sabotage

  7. Beauuti

    Here’s the problem I’m having with some natural products being sold and not fully researched. 1- Soy is so bad for us to eat but to be sitting around smelling it being burn from a candle( watch Hidden Colors 1-3) research what soy is used for, its in arylic for nails. 2 – Lemongrass oil -no where on the bottle states the pregant women should use this conditioner while pregant. She should really cout her luck bgecause so many baby defects happen and its mostly from the things we use on our body. I can go on on about the thing that a group of us research on these natural products. Pay close attention to the essentials oils that are being use in the product and research them on more,than on site.

  8. Miranda Hicks

    That is actually a very good move. People should follow proper rules and regulations even if they are small. The products which are used by people should be checked regularly by FDA.


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