5 Ways Your Hair Products Could Be Breaking or Damaging Your Hair

CAN PRODUCTS BREAK OR DAMAGE YOUR HAIR-While we would like to think hair products are designed to improve the condition of our hair, sometimes they do the complete opposite. Here are few reasons why and how your hair products are breaking or damaging your hair:

[ad name=”ad3″]Poor quality of ingredients

A poor formulation will no doubt give you poor results. Products with alcohols that dry your hair out or shampoos with sulfates will ultimately lead to damage. Before trying that new product study the ingredient list. Check out our list of best products.

Allergic to product ingredients

Allergies can wreak havoc on your hair and scalp, so if you are seeing major issues this could be why. For instance, Shea Butter is one of the most highly recommended natural ingredients but it also happens to come from a nut, which many people happen to be allergic to. Make sure you are not allergic any product ingredients to protect your hair and your health.

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Using the product incorrectly

[ad name=”Media.net”]Sometimes, it’s not the product, but how you use it. For example, hair sprays may come handy when you need to fight frizz. However, when you use hair spray it puts your hair in a very stiff state so if you try to comb it right away, you will encounter some breakage. Protein treatments can be helpful for strengthening your hair. However, if you use a professional strength one too often, this could lead to dry brittle breaking hair as you only need to apply every 6 weeks. Knowing the proper usage for our products plays a role in the damage we experience.

Too Much of a Good Thing Can Definitely Be a Bad Thing

You may think it is impossible to over moisturize your hair, but it is totally possible. It’s called hygral fatigue. Doing this can lead to limp gummy breaking hair. Sometimes less is more.

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The Product Just Isn’t For You

Everyone’s hair is unique. Sometimes you will find the products that others rave about, leave you with incredibly dry hair. If you hair isn’t getting the moisture it needs from the product, the dryness will surely progress to damage. If you have yet to find your holy grail product, it’s okay sometimes it takes a bit of experimentation. The right product will give your hair the boost it needs and in many cases the results are long lasting.

What has been your experience with products that have broken your hair? What were the causes?


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