5 Reasons to Try Mambo Twist Hair for Crochet Braids

[ad name=”ad3″]Mambo twist hair for crochet braids is all the rage and has beauty supply and online stores selling out! With winter upon us, this is a great protective style option for five reasons. 
Here’s your full guide to Crochet Braids. You can read it here.

Color Variety

As with most synthetic hair, Havana Mambo Twist hair comes in a variety of colors to closely match your natural hair color or even dyed hair. If you’ve got a fierce color combo, no problem. You should be able to find a shade to match with ease. It also comes in purple, which is so hot right now, and blue- unconventional hair colors but if done right, you can totally rock it. 

Cuts Total Install/Styling Time in Half

We love the look of Havana twists but don’t care for the time it takes to sit and get it done or have the energy to do it ourselves. Even if you do the crochet method with loose hair, you still have to worry about twisting it after the install. Mambo twist hair is a real time-saver because it comes pre-twisted. All you have to do is attach it to your cornrows using your latch hook tool and you’re all done! So no installing the hair and then taking time to twist it all. 

[ad name=”Media.net”]Three Styles in One!

The hair is installed in its twisted state. You can rock that for a few weeks and then unravel for the twist-out look. Once you’re bored with that, take it a step further by detangling the chunky defined waves into a full afro. With three different style options, you can wear your crochet braids for an extended period before it begins to look old. This video from Kiitana shows how you can easily take the style from one to the next.

No Hot Water Necessary

With the usual crochet install, we go through great pains to set the hair on perm rods and then dip it in hot water to achieve a look similar to a twist-out, risking scalding hot water burns. But, because the hair is already twisted, you can simply install the hair and immediately take the twists down if that’s the look you’re going for. No need to dip! Again, time-saver!

Protects All Of Your Hair

While normal Havana twists make for an awesome protective style, the hair is twisted with your own strands so your hair is still exposed to some extent. With pre-made twists installed onto a braided base, all of your natural hair is tucked away and protected! The less manipulation of your own hair, the better chance it has to grow unbothered.

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Taking care of my baby boy means I don’t have time for styles that takes hours upon hours to install so this is definitely one I’ll be trying very soon! How about you?

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Will YOU try Mambo Twist Hair for your crochet braids this winter? Have you already tried it? What colors have you used? How did you style it? Sound off!


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