Can Everyone Grow Long Hair?

Many have come to accept that everyone cannot grow long hair, with themselves being included. However, I beg to differ. I don’t think we are asking the right question when it comes to this. The real question is whether or not it is easier for some than it is for others, not necessarily whether we are a capable or not.

Long Hair

I will tell you why I feel this way, one word: dreadlocks. Many people who get dreads who would have otherwise struggled to get length often find that they have no trouble at all retaining length. This is because the barriers that would have normally prevented them from growing their hair are no longer present as it is the ultimate protective style.

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Aside from dryness, manipulation is one of the main factors that prevent people from keeping their length. (Check out our post on creating a Low Manipulation Hair Routine). When you wear locs, your hair is virtually free from breakage from manipulation. So if your hair normally experiences some degree of breakage from regular grooming, styling and cleansing while wearing dreads this is a complete non issue. As a result you see many loc wearers can grow their hair waist length and in many cases beyond.

Technically the vast majority of humans are genetically capable of growing what we consider to be long hair (way beyond chin or shoulder length). However, there is no arguing that some people can more easily retain this length. Hair types that are not prone to dryness and fragility will no doubt have an easier time reaching hair length goals whether they decide to protective style or not. For those who have hair that is dry and readily breaks from daily maintenance manipulation, it will be harder.

Given the right treatment, those who have hair types that make retaining hair more challenging can grow hair under the right conditions. Normally a strict adherence to a regimen filled with more moisture and low manipulation will prove successful overtime. Of course the commitment to such a regimen can be a challenge for many women. Being that some of us like to experiment and try new things with our hair, unfortunately those experiences often come at a cost.

Generally speaking if you don’t have any health issues that would otherwise prevent you from growing your hair, you can grow long hair. It requires more consistency and patience with hair types that are more dry and fragile, but it totally can be done if you are willing to put the work in.
What do you think? Are some people just incapable of growing longer tresses?


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