3 Natural Hair Heatless Styles for the Holiday Season

HOliday hairstyles1 (1)

We are already several days into December, which means holiday parties are upon us. “What to wear” and “How to style my hair” are just a few questions that come to mind when an invitation is opened. Since holiday parties are all about glitz and glamour, luscious curls are a great option such an occasion. If you’re like me and don’t like me and stray away from heat, you may be thinking, “Now, how can I get curls without heat?” Well, there are several heat-less curl options such as: Braid out, Perm Rods, Finger Coils, Straw Set, Flexi Rods, Curlformers, Wand Curls, SSS Spiral Plates, Pin Curls, and more.

Before trying the heatless styles and curl options below you must know what’s required of you to get the best results. 1. Style your hair only when it’s freshly washed and detangled. This does not mean you have to style on soak and wet hair. 2. For less shrinkage and more volume, I suggest you style on damp hair. 3. Another tip that will aid in eliminating frizz is using small sections when rolling your hair. The smaller sections will result in more definition; as well. 4. After applying your rolling method, make sure you do not unravel your hair until you are completely sure your hair is dry. If you don’t wait for your hair to completely dry, you are guaranteed an epic hairstyle fail and there’s no need for that. You’ve already been warned. 5. Last but not least, for the style to last, you must utilize a styling gel, mousse or product that has a great hold. This will keep your curls in tack and allow you to stretch out your style for 2-5 days.

  1. Curlformers



Mini Marley used Curlformers to get her luscious heatless curls. She completed this style on freshly washed and detangled hair. Mini Marley’s technique for applying the curlformers includes small sections and twirling your hair at the root so it slides smoothly through the curlformer.  After letting her dry for a few hours, Mini Marley unraveled her hair by stretching out the curlformer and pinching the root to make it easier for her hair to slide out of the opening of the curlformer. For a voluminous look, Mini Marley separated each curl into smaller curls.


  1. Roller Set



Maryam Hampton used classic hair rollers to get her luscious curls. She completed this style on freshly washed and detangled hair. Maryam’s technique includes medium sized sections using the medium sized green rollers. The size of your rollers depends on the look you’re going for. The bigger the roller, the straighter and more voluminous your hair will be. This technique is a little more time consuming considering the use of about 50 rollers; however, the end result is fabulous. Maryam did allow her hair to dry over night before taking out her rollers to ensure her hair was completely dry to avoid frizz. To get a fuller look, Maryam also separated her curls into smaller curls and used an afro pic to add the finishing touches to her full and fabulous heatless curls.


  1. CWK Girls SSS Spiral Plates



Naturally Chea used CWK Girls SSS Spiral Plates to achieve her luscious heatless curls. For those that have a hard time with rollers and curlformers, this is a great alternative. In this video Naturally Chea will show you how to assemble the plates adding on the curl extender; as well as, her technique for wrapping your hair around the curl extender to stretch your roots and give you a nice clean curl. When using SSS Spiral Plates it is recommended that you do this style only when you have enough time to let your hair air dry throughout the day because sleeping on these plates can be difficult.


One thought on “3 Natural Hair Heatless Styles for the Holiday Season

  1. tima

    these styles look so good!!! I have a different question though.. i one of your post you mention castor oil not to be confused with JBCO – do you have an article/can you explain why you prefer CO and what the differences are between JBCO and CO. Thanks!!!


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