4 Classic Natural Hairstyles That Have Made a Comeback

Classic Natural Hairstyle

Momma used to say things always come back in style! This is very true when it comes to hair. We’ve seen some classic natural hairstyles that either we’ve worn or our parents and even grandparents have worn back in the day resurface in some form in the last couple years. Here are just a few.

The Pompadour

This style actually dates back to the 1700s, named after the mistress of Louis XV of France, Marquise or Madam de Pompadour who wore her hair in this style. It’s basically a section of hair that’s raised high from the forehead and rolled back or to the side to form a voluminous look. It was a popular ‘do both among men and women in the 50s, especially among performers. Today, we’ve brought it back and incorporate it into our roll and tuck styles, buns or just rock it alone. Of course, there are a number of variations to the classic natural hairstyle- you can loosely twist a section of hair and pin it down to form the pompadour, do multiple twists for volume, make it super or large or cute and dainty. Here’s one way to do it with flat twists as demonstrated by Toni of My Natural Sistas.

Finger Waves

The Finger Wave hairdo goes back to the 20s and was made popular during the flapper period (think Josephine Baker) of the 20s and 30s. If you’re around my age, you may remember it from it’s popularity during the 90s. Today, you can actually fake the vintage look by setting your hair in bantu knots or even twists. Check out this alternative by Jessica Pettway.

The French Twist/Roll

This is another style that originally dates way back to before I was born but it was one of my favorites when I got old enough to ditch the barrettes and wear more “grown up” styles! Mom and I loved dolling ourselves up for weddings and other special occasions and donning a beautiful french roll. I would either finish mine off with a side bang of drop curls or put together a huge pompadour up top. If I felt really fancy, I’d add little “diamond” accents along the length of the roll. Here’s a tame version of what I would have done back then…

The Bob

Like Finger Waves, The Bob became popular in the 20s especially among film stars and was worn by women as sort of a statement of independence since, for a long time, longer hair was the norm and considered more feminine. Vidal Sassoon brought it back in the 60s and we’ve seen some lovely variations throughout the years. These days, the Bob isn’t just for straight hair although some naturals will opt to straighten their hair to achieve the look and then wear their curls later on. Some rock a blunt cut bob, others go asymmetrical and layered. Watch below as Alexandria Nicole creates a faux asymmetrical bob on her twist-out.

Have you tried any of these comeback hairdos? Which classic hairstyle would you like to see return in full force?


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