5 Holiday Natural Hairstyles you Don’t Want to Miss!

HOliday hairstyles

The holidays are synonymous with epic dinner parties, galas, winter weddings, family gatherings and the like. It’s that time of the year where all things lace, sequins, fur, or velvet make an appearance to help us slay the ending of one year and the beginning of another. But what about your hair? Your hair deserves to make a grand exit to 2015 and entrance to 2016, too. These top 5 hairstyles are the missing pieces needed to complete your holiday look. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try something new!

1. Halo Twist

Description: This Halo Twist is quick and easy style if you already know how to do two strand flat twists. The style is basically 2 flat twists joined at the back of your head using hairpins.

Items needed: Afro pic and hair pins

2. Elegant Mohawk

Description: This elegant Mohawk is perfect for those with medium to long length hair. The style consists of three centered ponytails shaped to make the Mohawk.

Items needed: Elastic hair ties and hair pins

3. Low Bun

Description: The low bun is another simple and elegant style that requires you to tuck and roll your hair to one side and then create a bun with the loose ends. This style is perfect if you don’t want all of your hair up. It’s also perfect for those that haven’t quite mastered how to do flat twists. Tuck and roll is a great alternative!

Items needed: Hair pins, elastic hair tie, and a hair accessory such as a jeweled hair clip or feather clip

4. Faux Tapered Cut Updo

Description: The faux tapered cut updo is a very elegant style for those with medium to long length hair. This style will require more time than the others listed, as you will need time to let your hair set on the rollers. This style consists of two flat twist at the back of your head going upward to the middle of your head. In addition one flat twist on each front side of the head joined to the back. And the front middle section of your hair curled with hair medium sized hair rollers.

Items needed: Medium sized hair roller, hair pins and oil

5. Elegant Faux Bun Updo

Description: The elegant faux bun updo is a quick and easy style that will get you lots of compliments. This style consists of your hair being in a bun and manipulating braiding hair to create a larger bun or a “Goddess” bun as shown in the tutorial. Very classy!

Items needed: Kanekalon braiding hair, denman brush, bristle brush, oil


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