5 Reasons Why Your Nighttime Routine is Everything for Your Natural Hair

Nighttime natural hair routine

Suffering from bad breakage and matting? Your nighttime routine could be the cause. Left unchecked this issue can land you with tons of damage that you will have to cut off and unruly hair in the morning.

I know hands down how hard it is to even think about doing something to my hair before I hit the sack. My first instinct is to grab my bonnet, slap it on and I am officially done for the night.

However, each time I have slacked on caring for my hair at night the price I end of paying is high. Perhaps less kinkier textures can get away with this, but if you have a kinky-coily textured hair and you fall off on your night time regimen you are not going to like the outcome. The end result is matted tangled hair which over time will cause splits and damage that you will have to cut off. Not to mention you might wake up like this:

Dont Feel Like Twisting Hair at Night

Which is why if you haven’t taken the time to now, you need to come up with simple and effective ways to develop a good nighttime routine.

#1 Make sure you go to bed with a low manipulation or protective style

Sleeping with your hair out is bound to cause some tangles and craziness in the morning. So you have to make sure you are either a doing a simple high ponytail/pineappling (my personal favorite because this takes no time at all) or plaiting your hair at night.

#2 Never ever forget to wear a bonnet or satin scarf

The cotton in your bedding will cause friction and ultimately breakage. The satin scarf or bonnet also helps you to retain more moisture in your hair. Keep it in a place that will be easy for you to access like your nightstand drawer so it’s always handy.

#3 You can always use Satin Pillow Cases as a backup

Are you forgetful when it comes to putting on your bonnet or do you frequently lose it? A satin pillow case could be a good alternative for you.

#4  Moisturize at night and wake up to more manageable hair

If you go to bed with dry hair expect to wake up to even more dry hair. Lightly moisturize with your favorite product before calling it a night.

#5 Consider long term protective styling when life happens

Sometimes life gets in the way and our hair is the least of our concerns. In the event of this, it’s better to invest in a longer term protective style so your hair is out of the way for the meantime.

Your nighttime regimen doesn’t have to be extravagant, but you do have to take basic measures to ensure your hair is protected at night. It seems so simple that you would almost consider it insignificant. However, the truth is this small part of your routine will have a dramatic effect on your hair’s manageability and the health of your hair.


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