6 Ways to Style Your Short Natural Hair… Beyond the Fro



If you’ve recently embarked on your natural hair journey and think you’re limited with styling, think again. There are actually quite a few options if you use your imagination. Below are six cute ways to style short natural hair.

The Braided/Twisted Headband

This is a very simple way to add some interest to your teeny weeny afro. As long as you know how to cornrow or flat twist, you’re in business. Watch as Helecia aka iknowlee demonstrates this super easy option for you girls rockin shorter natural hair.


The Fauxhawk

There are a variety of ways to create the look of a mohawk with your TWA without actually taking clippers to it. You can cornrow, flat-twist or simply smooth down the sides. Then you can leave your remaining hair in an afro state or, if you are working with some length, set it with two-strand twists, perm rods, or bantu knots. Below, Wunmi of WomanInTheJungle shares a simple technique for achieving this style, using finger coils to define her natural texture… so this is really two styles in one. You can just rock the coils or slick the sides for the fauxhawk.



TheChicNatural has a cute cornrowed fauxhawk option below. Don’t be put off by her length but let this serve as inspiration. You can very well achieve a similar look as long as your hair is long enough to grasp. Because the hair is being braided onto the scalp to create a style, cornrows are a great option for short natural hair since they don’t require a lot of length.


The Twist-Out

Shoulder-length, gorgeously flawless twist-outs may fill your social media feeds but please know that they’re not reserved for the longer haired naturals. You too can style your TWA or short natural hair in a bomb twist-out to temporarily alter the texture of your hair and have a little fun! GirlWithKinks give us an easy-to-follow tutorial for this popular natural hair style.


Fake it ‘Til You Make It- Fancy Updo

So you want an elegant updo for a special occasion but fear that your length isn’t enough? There are ways around that! With some hair that’s close to your texture like Marley Braiding Hair or Cuban Twist Hair (for kinky textures) you can get really creative. Here’s an updo that I love to wear whenever, no special occasion needed. If your hair is shorter than mine, simply divide the hair into another section and follow the same steps. You can even incorporate cornrows on the sides, braiding upwards. The possibilities are endless!


Fake it… With a Bun

A bun is a great style that can easily transition from day to night and is also super easy to fake. Toni of My Natural Sistas shows you how to simply achieve a low bun with a little jazz.

If a high bun is more your thing, watch Toni demonstrate two options in this how-to. For even shorter hair that can’t quite make it up into one puff or bun, a good suggestion is to split your hair into two sections to create two puffs/buns close together at the top of your head and then wrap the hair around it to complete the look.

Don’t let longing for length stress you out. Be patient and have fun with your hair in the meantime! Concentrate on keeping it healthy and the length will come!

Which of these styles will YOU be trying?

Feature Image: The Chic Natural


2 thoughts on “6 Ways to Style Your Short Natural Hair… Beyond the Fro

  1. Hasan Imtiaz

    The styles shown in the videos were very helpful. In addition, you can use appliances like hair dryers to make your hair look more stylish. You would adore it because styling is fun.


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