4 Tips to Conquer Your Next Flat Twist Out

4 tips to conquer your flat twist out

Let’s be real…We’ve all had those days where we just can’t get our hair to cooperate. Some days our twist out is on fleek! On other days our twist out looks like all of our hard work was for nothing. The good news is there’s 4 easy tips to ensure your flat twist out is on fleek at all times! Yes, ONLY 4 tips.
TIP 1: Style on Freshly Washed Hair
The best time to twist your hair is when it is freshly washed.  When starting from clean hair, this helps with long lasting definition because there is no product build-up.
TIP 2: Parts & Layers
How you part and layer your twist is very important as it can help add volume, twist definition and extend the length of time needed before having to re-twist. Make sure you part your hair in small to medium sized sections for twists. This helps minimize frizz which often happens when twisting large sections of hair. Also, make sure you part and twist your hair in the direction that you want it to lay.  As for layers, they are your friend. Seriously. Layer your flat twists for instant volume. 2-3 layers of flat twist is perfect for getting a fuller twist out.  (For a visual on parting & layers see @OnlyJMarie styling video)

TIP 3: Moisture
You may be sick and tired of hearing about moisture but if you want healthy hair you need to master this. I utilize the LOC method
which are Liquid, Oil and Cream. My personal favs for LOC are
Liquid – Water
Oil – Creme of Nature Plant-derived repairing oil (coconut, avocado & olive oils)
Cream- HairVeda’s Gellicious Hydrating Whipped Gelly (AMAZING!) OR Tree Naturals Natasha’s Whipped Growth Butter
If want to learn more about moisture then check out 7 Tools That Add Moisture to Natural Hair
Tip 4: Flat Two Strand Twists 
Seriously, This is a twist out game changer! Flat two strand twists gives you the best definition each and every time. You will not be disappointed. Remember to twist your hair in the direction you want it to lay. If you need assistance with doing flat two strand twists check out @YolandaRenee tutorial.

Well, curl friends, the 4 tips above are everything you need to knowto perfect your twist out. You are on your way to flat twist outs on fleek!

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