What You Need to Know About Loving Your Hair


This post is sponsored by Dove Hair in conjunction with the BLink Marketing Network. All opinions are my own.

Growing up, I was constantly reminded that my hair texture wasn’t the desired grade of hair. Teased relentlessly, I began to internalize it. Although I admired natural hair, I never thought I had the type of hair that could be worn naturally. Well into my twenties, I toyed with the idea of natural hair. It wasn’t until I was exposed to naturalistas on YouTube with my hair texture that I believed I could finally take the plunge.

My introduction to natural hair on the web has played a major role in how I use social media for inspiration. Although I appreciate the beauty of all hair textures, I tend to focus on women with my hair texture for inspiration. While for some, social media can be a place for hair envy, I have a made a concerted effort to love my hair more than any “hair idol”.

Dove Hair is also on a mission to help women and girls all over the world love their curls and natural hair. Dove Hair recently launching the Dove Love Your Curls Emojis. This is an extension of Dove Hairs Love Your Curls mission, and is a global launch with a purpose to help women and girls embrace and love their curls by ensuring they see accurate reflections of their hair in their everyday lives. You can find out more about Dove Love Your Curls Emojis here.

If you find yourself struggling with hair envy and knowing go to love your hair more, here are some tips that have helped me along the way.

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Find Your Hair Twin

Instead of focusing on hair that you can never emulate, follow women with hair of a similar texture. I follow women with all textures, and at times I can adjust their styles for my hair, but to stay grounded, I look to women with thick, kinky hair like mine. Similarly, when you have a TWA, try to add other women with TWAs to your timeline. Being inspired by a woman with a similar hair length, helps you to embrace the TWA phase of your journey.

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener On the Other Side

Don’t wait to love your hair until it is longer. And don’t envy a texture you can never naturally attain. Instead, focus on watering your grass. You may surprise yourself… and fall in love. Every hair type, texture, and length has its pros and cons. When you take the time to learn your hair without any detractors, you find solutions to the issues you are having with your hair. For a long time, I struggled with detangling my highly textured hair. Part of me envied women with finer, curlier hair. But envy would not solve my detangling issues. Seeking advice from women who successfully honed their detangling skills did.

Enjoy Your Natural Hair Journey

I think the best piece of advice is to enjoy your natural hair journey. It sounds cliche, but it is about the journey NOT the destination. Embrace the TWA. Embrace the shrinkage. Embrace the journey.

How have you learned to love your hair?

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