“My Curls Understood” Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are on the rise in the beauty world. For naturals but new naturals especially, subscription boxes are the perfect option for women looking to develop a hair care regimen with the right products. With boxes already on the market like curlBOX, CurlKit, Cocotique, and Curl Mix; My Curls Understood is the latest rave in the natural hair world!

I know some of you may be thinking, “Why another hair subscription box?” My Curls Understood is such a unique subscription box, and it’s the first of its kind out there.

So, let’s get into it!


What is My Curls Understood? My Curls Understood is focused on “taking the mystery out of curls. One box at a time.” Created by founder Sylvia Kerali, “My Curls Understood” is an extension of the Curlsunderstood.com community, where content is segmented by texture, volume, and length. What better way to receive hair products that are tailored to your hair specifically!

How does it Work? My Curls Understood is a subscription service where each box is curated by you! Subscribers answer a brief survey on their hair, detailing some of the most important things to consider when choosing the right hair product, like length, porosity, volume, and any hair concerns they’re currently facing. A profile is then created for you based on your own curl profile, and products are selected for you accordingly. Each month, the box may be focused on something different.

For example, the debut box was split based on the four different hair textures. Other months, boxes may address specific concerns, like frizz, moisture retention, etc…

How Much Is It? You’re in for good news! The box is priced at $26.99…with free shipping! Expect to see 5-7 Deluxe/Full-Sized Products valued at over $55! A box full of hair products from a variety of brands, all catering to your specific hair needs all at a great price! Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than that. A box curated specifically by you and for you!

Tired of feeling like no one understands your curls! No need to fret. With the My Curls Understood box, you’re bound to find something that caters to your hair needs!

Want to subscribe to My Curls Understood? Subscribe here to be notified when spots open up for the month. Get the latest from Curls Understood on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and Pinterest.


3 thoughts on ““My Curls Understood” Subscription Box

  1. Abi Hayes

    I was curious as they claimed to offer a box focusing on your hair type. I was ecstatic about my first box. Very satisfied with My Curls Understood. Informative website check it out.


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