20 Natural Hair Problems Every Woman Has

Natural Hair Problems Every Woman Has

They say “All that glitters ain’t gold.” While our natural hair doesn’t necessarily “glitter,” the versatility and beauty of natural hair is just enough for it to stand out. It’s a bittersweet relationship when it comes to natural hair – while it “shines” in all its glory, it comes with a list of problems that I can go on and on about:

  1. Hair Envy: I struggled with hair envy for the first two years of my natural hair journey. I liked my texture, but I secretly wished I had looser curls, like Corrine Bailey Rae. My advice to you: learn your texture, love it and embrace it. All curls are beautiful!
  2. 99 Hair Pins, but Can’t Find 1: Hair pins come in all different sizes and styles. However, when it comes to that one pin that I need of a specific size, I can’t find nan one of them, yet I just bought a whole case two weeks ago.

    99 Boby Pins, But Can't Find One

    Image via @naturalhairrule

  3. Frizz: It happens…and there’s nothing you can do about it. Instead of fighting with it and getting mad, I learn to embrace the frizz and either work with it or around it.
  4. Breakage: Given our texture, the way our curls coil around themselves and each other, and just every day manipulation, natural hair is prone to breakage. Sure, you can decrease the amount of breakage you have with proper hair care practices and handling, but there’s no magic product that will stop breakage for good.
  5. Finding the Right Products: With so many natural hair products on the market and new ones emerging what seems like every day, confusion and product junkyism is inevitable.
  6. Wash Day: Wash day can literally take all day. You have to prep, then shampoo, then deep condition for at least two hours (even though the recommended time is only 20 minutes). Detangling can be another mission on its own. But after all of that, you still have to style your hair! These are the days I wish I had a personal hair stylist.
  7. Popped Head Bands: When your twist outs just aren’t acting right, the go-to style for most naturals is a high puff. The sound of that last head band popping because your hair is too thick feels like the end of the world. Now what?!?Thick Hair Problems
  8. Running out of Deep Conditioner: When you reach for your favorite deep conditioner that completely gets your life all the way together, only to find out that you have the tiniest amount left…and you’ve already shampooed your hair :-/. You may have used globs of product before, because what natural uses only a little bit of conditioner! You learn how to stretch a product like nobody’s business when your down to your very last!
  9. Hot Water Runs Out: When your boiler doesn’t want your hair to be great and there’s no hot water. You’re forced to wear that beanie…for another week! No worries! Throw a turban on it – they’re much cuter!
  10. Hours in the Beauty Supply Store: You know its serious when you’ve spent the past two hours in the same aisle in the beauty supply store checking for every ingredient under the sun.
  11. To Flat Iron…..or Nah?: When you want to switch up your look and rock your hair straight, but you think about the possible heat damage. Why must life be so difficult?
  12. Still Twisting: When your friends call and ask if you’re on your way, and you tell them yes….knowing good and well you’ll be done in another hour.
  13. Hair Food: When you’re hungry….but used the last of your eggs and avocado for that D.I.Y hair mask…but you’re not mad cause your hair looks and feels #bomb.
  14. Hair Everywhere: Tumbleweeds of curly hair all over the bathroom!
  15. Is it Really Love?: Wondering if bae will love you the same when he finally see your natural hair in all of its untamed glory.
  16. Single Strand Knots: You may find these pesky little things A LOT. They come with the territory. The best way to limit the amount of S.S.K’s you have is to keep the hair stretched…but then again, they invite their way in regardless!
  17. Shrinkage: Can’t live with it. Can’t live without it. Shrinkage is another one of those natural hair problems that come with the territory. It’s what our hair loves to do! I’ve learned to either work with it or work around it
  18. Boredom: Sometimes, you’ll get the itch for something drastic. A new cut maybe, or some color. Use wisdom when boredom strikes!
  19. Is it Dry Yet?: When you think you’re about to have that bomb twist out….but your hair isn’t dry and you get nothing but frizz.
  20. Frustration…Lots of It: People just don’t understand! Natural hair comes with a lot of frustration. From a curl not laying right to our favorite deep conditioner not giving our hair the life it should be giving. Natural hair can drive us crazy sometimes, but what keeps me in the game is the beauty of my curls and the versatility. I mean, who else’s hair can defy gravity like yours!

    Frustrated Natural Hair

    Photo Credit: Black Girl Long Hair

Despite all the problems us natural go through, I wouldn’t trade my mane for the world!



2 thoughts on “20 Natural Hair Problems Every Woman Has

  1. Bridget Johnson

    How bout u tryna do a roller set, u got that last section and u done run outta rollers the size u need, but u got a billion others in the WRONG size. HA!


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