Over Moisturizing is an Actual Thing, It’s Called Hygral Fatigue

After suffering spells of your hair feeling as dry as a desert, you may think to yourself there is no way that your hair can get enough moisture. Well, you could be wrong! It sounds nuts but surprisingly, over moisturizing can lead to damage. This is called Hygral Fatigue. Too much of a good thing can be indeed a bad thing.

What is Hygral Fatigue


Hygral fatigue is the result of your hair cuticle constantly absorbing water and contracting as it dries. In other words, you are keeping your hair consistently wet and not giving it enough dry time. One thing you must consider is that when hair is wet, it is at its most fragile state. Continuously keeping your hair wet will only serve to weaken your hair strands.

What Causes Hygral Fatigue:

  • Constantly re-wetting your hair
  • Extending your deep conditioning sessions well past the time you need
  • Overnight conditioning or what we call the baggy method
  • Not giving your hair enough protein

Keep in mind that if you have done this a couple of times, you are probably okay. It is the consistent use of these practices that is likely to land you with some damage.

How Do You Know if Your Hair is Suffering from Hygral Fatigue

  • Your hair may feel limp, gummy or mushy.
  • Your hair has low elasticity (it has difficulty stretching when wet and or doesn’t spring back after pulling). This is a clear indicator that you have over moisturized your hair.
  • Due to its weakened state it is the perfect breeding grounds for breakage.

Prevention and Restoring Your Hair

Although it’s tempting to overload your hair with moisture when you are dealing with dry hair, just don’t do it. Give your hair balance. One night of the baggy method most likely will not kill your hair, but doing this on a regular basis will increase the risk of damage. While moisture is a big part of keeping natural hair healthy, protein is often overlooked and is just as important. Here are some tips for preventing hygral fatigue altogether as well as getting on the road to recovery if you have been suffering from hygral fatigue:

  • Avoid consistently keeping your hair in a wet or saturated state.
  • Incorporate both moisturizing and protein conditioners into your regimen.
  • An effective protein conditioner will contain hydrolyzed proteins. On the ingredients list look for hydrolyzed wheat protein, hydrolyzed keratin or hydrolyzed silk protein.
  • When your is in a weakened state and suffering from breakage, use a protein treatment like Aphogee to strengthen your hair.  Aphogee has two very popular protein treatments. Check them out here.
  • Make sure you don’t overdo protein either, because this is just as bad. Protein conditioners can be used for your deep conditioning needs once or twice per month. Protein treatments are usually very strong and you can go a month or two without needing another one. Always follow the product’s instructions for use.

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In order for our hair to thrive, the most important thing that I can stress is balance. Moisture for many of us is a daily part of our hair routine, but in access, the outcome can be damaging.

Have you ever suffered from hygral fatigue? How did you repair your hair?


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