8 Fall Styles in Under 10 Minutes

8 Fall Styles in Under 10 minutes
Fall is here to stay and this cold weather is about to be in full swing. When the weather begins to get cold, I love having my hair into a protective style. What better way to strut your fall styles than with a protective style. Protective styling helps with protecting your ends and keeping your hands out of your hair to keep your length.  Fall is the time where I let my hair be and have a fierce updo or an easy style that can last me about a week. I came across these videos for short and long hair to be able to get your easy styles on and popping for the fall season.

MsVaughn TV gives four fierce styles for the medium to long hair curlies. These styles are so fierce and simple I made sure I had to share this with you. I love to get inspiration from youtube videos for hairstyles for each week. Of course, when I’m running low on time I might not have time to do my usual two stand twists so, I go straight to an easy protective style. Ms. VaughnTV gives a variation of a bun look, updo, flat twist look and two buns on the bottom where she showed  out with a fierce headband. You have so much versatility when it comes to your hair make sure to enjoy it and try new styles. If you try a style this week feel free to tag Natural Hair Rules on Instagram or show us below in the comments. I love to see what you came up with.

Jewel Jasmine gave 4 great styles for the naturalistas with shorter hair starting at (2:00). Even though your hair is shorter, there is still so many styles you can achieve with a little amount of time. Jewel’s styles are not all protective styles, but can help you with keeping your hands out of your hair. Jewel went from cute mickey mouse buns, to a fly frohawk. All her styles were super cute and whichever one speaks to you the most make sure to try it out. In all these styles, make sure to moisturize your hair with your favorite leave in cream.
If your loving these styles let us know below. Which one is your favorite?

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