How to Get the Most Out of Your Twist Outs

Getting the Most out of Your Twist OUt

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For some naturals, twists outs are hit or miss. Some days they come out right, some days they don’t. Day one hair is bomb, but you can never seem to get day two, three, and four hair to be just as good.

There’s a method to the twist-out madness if you want to get the perfect twist out each and every time, and it’s all in the foundation:

  1. Saturate Your Hair: To get bomb day one hair and voluminous day two, three, and four hair, set your style on damp or wet hair. You want your hair coated (but not drenched) to get maximum curl definition for serious #curlpoppage.
  2. Detangle: Since the fate of your twist out is dependent on what you do on the very first day, you want to make sure that your hair is thoroughly detangled. Detangled hair prior to installing your twist out makes for a frizz-free style.
  3. Styling Product: You want to make sure that whatever products you use works for your hair type, and provides optimal definition for a #twistoutonfleek. For my hair, light products provide definition since I have a fine texture, but they don’t give me the long-lasting hold that I need. Slightly thicker products, like Cantu Shea Butter’s Coconut Curling Cream is a great foundation for me because my hair will mold and conform to whatever style I set it in.
  4. Don’t Borrow Hair: When twisting, don’t borrow hair…AT ALL! Before beginning your twists, be sure that both sections of hair is the same thickness and length. If you run out of hair on one side as you get to the bottom, combine the two sections and begin to coil the ends or add a perm rod to make sure your ends remain smooth.
  5. Smooth the Hair: My best twist-outs come when I twist firmly, and smooth/finger detangle as I’m going down the hair shaft. The key to a frizz-free twist out is smoothing the hair as you twist.
  6. Twist in The Way It Should Go: It’s important that you twist your hair in the direction you want it to lay for a #twistoutonfleek. There’s been plenty of times where I’ve taken out my twists and there are curls going in every direction but the direction I want it to lay. If you want your curls to fall in your face, twist the front of your hair toward the front of your head. It’s all in the technique!
  7. Get a Cute Shape:  Sometimes the reason why our twist outs are a complete fail is because our hair has no shape, or our ends need trimming to maintain its shape. I highly suggest you visit your stylist and have her add some shape to your hair, or get a good trim. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic, but adding some shape to your natural hair and trimming consistently will definitely help with the way your hair falls.
  8. Make Sure Your Hair is Dry: We often make the mistake of unraveling the twists before our hair is completely dry. If you’re going for an undefined fro, that’s fine, but if you’re looking for a defined twist out, make sure your hair is completely dry to prevent frizz.
  9. Fluff, Fluff, & FLUFF: For big hair, fluff with a pick or a wide tooth comb. Don’t bring it all the way through the curls, as you will disturb the curl pattern you worked so hard to get. You just want to lift the roots a little to add some volume.
  10. Take a Selfie: Now that your twist out is on fleek, take a selfie and share it! Not only do you create for yourself your own style gallery, but you give other naturals inspiration for their own natural hair journey. Sharing is caring!

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With these simple steps, you’re one step closer to a fabulous twist out!


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