3 Ways to Extend Your Blowout


Love the volume and fluffiness of a blow out but not sure how to maintain the look for more than a day without starting all over again? Here are three simple heat-free ways you can extend your blowout!

Twist It

When looking to extend your blowout, this is probably the easiest thing you can do. I, for one, use this method to keep my hair stretched with just the right amount of “poof” once I take my twists down. For my length and density, I do about six or seven loose twists- just enough to keep my hair from tangling up on itself but not too many to give a whole lot of definition as with a twist-out (since that’s not what I’m going for). Best part is, it’s super quick!

Braid It

The effectiveness of braiding is along the same lines as twisting- keeping the hair detangled. The difference is you’ll get even more of stretch with this method since the hair is held more taut. It may take a little longer to do than twisting but if you’re a person who needs those roots to stay intact (I’m personally not too fussy about that), then braiding/plaiting is a good way to go to help extend your blowout. Again, the same rule applies- you just want a few large plaits to get that stretch and keep the hair detangled.

Bun It

After a long day of big, fluffy hair realness, simply grab your detangling brush or a styling brush and pull your hair back into a low bun. Bunning your hair will give you an even further stretch than braiding. Plus, when it’s time to take it out, it’s just the one thing you have to worry about rather than a bunch of twists or braids. Just unravel, shake and go. If you notice an indentation where your scrunchie or ponytail holder used to be, just mist VERY lightly with water and brush it out.

Quick Tip:

Common with the humidity of summer, your hair may begin to revert to its kinky/curly state during the course of the day and might cause some tangling. In this case, you may find it helpful to apply just a little leave-in conditioner or your moisturizer of choice before manipulating the hair so it is easier to manage. Start from the ends and work your way up to the roots to detangle and proceed with one of these methods as normal.

See also: Keeping Your Hair Stretched in Humidity

Have you used any of these tricks to extend your blow out? What has been most helpful for you?


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