7 Inspiring Natural Hair Coloring & Activity Books for Kids

7 natural hair coloring books for kids

If you were an 80’s baby like myself, I’m sure you may recall the lack of diversity in mainstream children’s books. Finding a children’s book that accurately portrayed African-American girls in style, dress, and hair was like searching for a needle in a haystack. African-American girls have been underrepresented in mainstream media for many years. But my, how times are changing. There are now activity books, coloring books, illustrated novels, e-books, and many more available, where girls of color are honored and adorned. What’s even better is that there are coloring books that even celebrate natural hair.

1. The Colorful Adventures of Zoe & Star: An Activity and Coloring Book Paperback by Crystal Swain-Bates

the colorful adventures of zoe and star

The Colorful Adventures of Zoe and Star follows the venturesome experiences of two gorgeous and dauntless African-American girls. The duo enjoys being the best of friends and delving into the most rousing activities they can discover together. With over 45 exciting coloring and activity pages to help promote self-confidence and diversity, your little one will be inspired with hours of creativity. You’ll find that your little natural may not want to put this book down! Activities include question and answers, fill-in the blank exercises, stimulating “what if” questions and more.


2. Color My Fro: A Natural Hair Coloring Book for Big Hair Lovers of All Ages 

color my fro coloring book

The Color My Fro’ coloring book is filled with wondrous and magical images from traditional (and some modern) children’s stories represented by young black girls with big, gorgeous natural hair styles. There are over 30 images of mermaids, warriors, cheerleaders, fairies and strong, exuberant women of color embarking on daring and exciting feats. The Color My Fro’ coloring book is a celebration of natural hair for young girls and women of all ages to enjoy for hours.


3. The Colorful Adventures of Cody & Jay: A Coloring and Activity Book (for boys)

natural hair coloring book for boys


Let’s not forget about our little natural boys! The Colorful Adventures of Cody and Jay is a 40-page adventure filled with tons of coloring and activity pages for your little man to enjoy. Cody and Jay are the best of buds and embark on several adventures where they image themselves being superheroes, artists, race car drivers, scientists and more.  Your young one will learn about the importance of self-confidence and acceptance through the celebration of diversity. There are several thought provoking activities such as fill-in-the-blank and word puzzles, and tons of captivating images to color an complete.



4. Curlies Color Too- A Coloring and Hairstyle Book for Mommy and Me











Curlies Color Too by Yolanda Renee is not just a coloring book for little girls, it’s also serves as an inspirational hair styling book for mothers to help decide on styles for their daughters. Both mother and daughter will get a kick out of this one as mom looks for inspiration and your little lady will enjoy learning about her natural hair! Curlies Color Too also includes regimen ideas, a a book list for curlies, a children’s hair product list and so much more.



5. Curly Kids Coloring Book

curly kids coloring book


The Curly Kids Coloring Book is perfect for children and adults alike. There are over 30 pages of vibrant natural hair styling inspirations including bantu-knots, twist-outs, locked styles, braids, Afro-puffs, puffy ponytails, updos, and many more. The illustrations are amazing and  accurately depict the versatility in natural hair styling for young girls, tweens and teens. The Curly Kids Coloring Book was created by Akirashanti Byrd as a way to inspire her daughter in the beauty of her natural curls.


6. Miss Zee Activity & Coloring Book

miss zee coloring book for naturals

The Miss Zee Activity and Coloring book features the cutest depictions of little curly girls and is filled with coloring pages, activity pages with stimulating exercises for your little one to enjoy. There is even a bonus sticker page that will be sure to leave a smile on your daughter’s face. The motivation behind the Miss Zee Activity (and coloring) book was to help uplift underrepresented girls of color. With over 46 inspiring pages, Miss Zee’s Coloring and Activity book does just that.


7. The Natural Mommy and Daughter Coloring Book

The Natural Mommy and Daughter Coloring Book

The Natural Mommy & Daughter Coloring Book is a celebration of the bond between mother and daughter. There are several coloring pages featuring mother and daughter engaging in several activities together. Both are proudly wearing their hair in its natural state and its evident that this little natural adores her mother and prides herself in sharing the same hair type. The Natural Mommy & Daughter Coloring Book is inspiring to all little girls and will help boost confidence and self-esteem.



What do you think about the natural hair coloring and activity books, would your little natural be excited to have a book filled with images that look like them?


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