5 Reasons to Let Loose in the Summer and Enjoy Your Natural Hair

summer natural hair tips
Through most of the seasons it is stressed over and over again to wear protective styles, but summer time is as good as time as any to let it loose. Do you normally find yourself tucking your strands away? This is the perfect time to give your hair some fresh air. Here are some reasons to have some fun and let your hair down if you haven’t already:

Less likely to have dry hair issues

When your hair is worn out, it definitely doesn’t retain moisture as long as if you wear protective styles. However, in the summer time this usually is not the case, especially if you live in a region that gets humid.

Why battle the weather? Work with it.

There’s nothing worse than putting all that effort into styles that take hours to do, only to have it frizzed out and ruined by the summer weather. Instead of trying to fight the frizz, you may find it easier to just go with the flow.

Give your hair a break from manipulation

Sometimes your hair can use a breather.  Protective styles are great for length retention and keeping your day to day styling maintenance low, but to create these styles, it usually involves tons of manipulation to your hair. Any good hair care regimen consists of balance, so there’s nothing wrong with letting your hair down every once in a while.  Most importantly, you have a chance to get a break from long styling sessions.

The Best Accessories

Summer has some of the cutest hair accessories to offer. From flowers, headbands to wraps there are so many ways that you can get creative and create easy care free styles.

 Embrace your texture

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to define and shape your curls, but it’s so powerful when you are embracing what you are naturally working with. If you haven’t tried rocking your hair undefined, before the summer ends is the best time to do it. You don’t have to have a particular texture or hair type, healthy hair is good hair!

Do you let your hair down in the summer?  What are some of your favorite go to summer styles?


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