Protective Style: Crochet Braids 3 Ways!

During the summer, we naturals may like to tuck our hair away in some sort of protective style. If you’re like me, you wanna keep rockin’ a big ole fro no matter the season! But how can you do that without subjecting your hair to the heat and humidity? Well, with a crochet weave or crochet braids, as it’s commonly known, you get the best of both worlds: you can keep the look of a fro or a twist-out while still keeping your real hair moisturized and protected underneath!

While it’s not really that new of a styling technique, it HAS taken the natural hair world by storm over the last year! As you will see in the three examples below, you can use just about any texture of synthetic hair you wish for the look you desire.

Here, MissKenK shows us how it’s done from hair installation to the curl and style. This was definitely a big hit all over social media. Watch and see why!


Stylist and braider extraordinaire Suzy aka African Creature gives us a lesson on installing crochet braids when you are lacking the tools. Not wanting to purchase a latch hook tool (because (1) honestly, that thing scares me LOL and (2) I didn’t feel like spending money I didn’t have to!), I actually used this bobby pin method to install mine. SO easy!


Last but not least, VeePeeJay puts a twist on crochet braids… literally. This is a great idea because it seems to shave some time off of installing twists the conventional way and also because you can always take the twists out and rock the hair loose. Who doesn’t love a style with some versatility?!


No matter which technique you try, make sure that you’re moisturizing your hair and scalp while wearing your crochet braids. A spray containing water, a leave-in and your favorite oils should do the trick. Also, tie your hair down at night with a satin or silk scarf to keep it looking fresh.

So, what about you… have you installed crochet braids? If not, which of the above techniques would you be interested in trying this summer? Share below!


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