Celebrity Hairstylist: Genyii Scott


I’m always inspired by the stories of others.  Especially, those who make life changes that go against the grain.  Recently, I was able to catch up with a college friend , Genyii Scott. She made a major career change and is now a freelance hairstylist and works full-time for NBC.  Over 10 years ago, she managed my sister at her first job. Now, she has switched gears and is pursuing her passion.

Tell us about yourself and your current position.
I’m a 31 year old freelance hairstylist living in Brooklyn, NY. I currently work full time at NBC on majority of their live television programs.

You graduated from college with a degree in Technical Writing. How did you make the transition to Celebrity Stylist?

I actually don’t describe myself as a Celebrity Stylist. I’ve worked with several very well known clients, but I do not limit my creative abilities to celebrities, models or any type of ethnicity. I keep myself open to projects that hold my creative interest regardless of social familiarity.

 Genyii_scott2Why did you become a hair stylist?

Growing up my parents always encouraged my siblings and I to study and pursue a professional career. After years of trying to find a fit in various professional fields, I decided to shift gears and focus my energies on skills that I felt I’ve intrinsically possessed since my youth.

What do you enjoy most about the profession?

I enjoy being able to express myself daily through my work. I enjoy meeting new people each day and learning about their lives. I enjoy working in different locations daily and educating others about protective hair care. But most importantly, I enjoy being apart of making others smile.

What advice do you have for ANYONE who would like to be a top stylist in the profession?

Find what inspires you and never stop.

What are your top three tips for women with natural hair?

Cleanse, hydrate & trim.

 Anything else you would like to add?

Though I am extremely passionate about styling hair, I also have a high interest in travel, maternal health and holistic living. I am grateful to be able to have chosen a career that supports my livelihood, it’s been even more tremendous to keep a healthy balance in pursuing other interests.

Check her out on social media:

Twitter/Instagram: @genyiiscott


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