Natural Bride: Tifanni

Natural Bride: TifanniTell us about yourself:
My name is Tifanni and I am a thirty year old attorney from New York. I went to the University of Delaware for college and earned an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a concentration in Global Studies along with a double minor in Spanish and Black American Studies. I completed college in three years and then attended Hofstra University School of Law and graduated in 2007. I have been working for a law firm in Long Island for over the last six years. I am licensed to practice law in New York, New Jersey and the District of Columbia.

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Tell us about your husband:
My husband is a jack of all trades. When he graduated from college, he entered the corporate world and worked in it for a few years. Currently, he is a Firefighter/EMT. My husband is a thrill seeker, so I have learned not to worry so much about things since we have been together.

How long have you been together? How did you meet?
The two of us have known each other for approximately nineteen years. Our best friends lived across the street from one another so growing up we would all hang out, although he is three years my senior. I cannot recall the exact day that we met as we grew up in the same school district, but what I do know is that it probably was outside one day playing in the neighborhood. We became serious in February 2013 after years of contemplating dating because the timing was not right.

How long have you been natural? Why did you go natural?
I have been natural since February 5, 2011. I remember the date because it was the same day that I threw a surprise formal birthday party for my father. I decided then that this was my last perm and that I was never turning back. I went natural because I have always had a full head of hair and after many years (my mom relaxed my hair at the age of four/five) of relaxing, my hair started to become thin and dull. I just wanted that full head of hair to reappear. I also thought to myself that if a relaxer burns skin on contact, what has it truly done to my scalp over the twenty something years while was using it?

What was your wedding day hairstyle?
My wedding day hairstyle was not a typical style. Originally I wanted an updo with some loose pin up curls to the side, however reality set in. My stylist informed me that the only way that style would last throughout the day during my summer wedding would be if I put in a weave or I would have to do a straw set and try and pin it up. The problem with me is that I sweat and once that water hits any part of my hair, it instantly frizzes. That being said, I went in for a hair trial after I started looking at some natural updo’s. I started to become obsessed with a Mohawk. Now I know this does not seem like a normal wedding hairstyle, but like my father always tells me, I love to be different. I knew that my dressed was embellished from head to toe and I could either go the traditional route of a pin curls or something edgy. Of course, I chose the latter.

My hairstylist, Sparkles, from Queen of the Wink located in Jamaica, Queens worked her magic and I fell in love with the style immediately. My makeup artist, Leesa, also from Queen of the Wink also helped complete my wedding day look. The nude lip was an area of contemplation because my hair and dress were so dramatic that we decided that I needed a bold color to complete the look. We decided to use Ruby Woo by MAC on my lips on the day of my wedding. When I got dressed and finally saw myself in the mirror, I could not have been happier. It was EXACTLY what I wanted.

Any advice for natural hair brides or brides in general?

The advice that I will give to natural brides is to remember that you are NATURAL. A lot of the hairstyles that we might have liked when we were processing our hair will not look the same on natural hair. Embrace your hair texture and know what will and what will not last throughout a day of pictures and dancing. Also, everyone will give you advice. As the bride, make sure that you are happy on your wedding day and do not do anything just because you know others want you to do it. It is YOUR day and it goes by so quickly. Make the most of it so that you can look back and have no regrets.


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