5 Fab Summertime Quick Hairstyle Fixes

5 Fab-Summertime-Hair FixesSummer is lots of fun but the heat and humidity that comes with it can do a number on our hair. If your do fails, here are five quick summertime hairstyle fixes to help get your mane back on track.

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Throw it In a Puff!

So… you decided to rock a bantu knot-out for you’re outing with the girls but halfway there, your curls are almost non-existent. What’s a girl to do?

Pull that headband or ponytail holder out of your purse and throw it up in a simple puff! Thanks to your bantu knot set, you’ve created some texture and volume to your hair so your puff should look nice and full.

Below, TheChicNatural demonstrates how to do a beautiful, quick high puff.

Tip: Of course, if you’re on the go, you won’t have gel or tools so you’ll have to rely on the product already in your hair. Simply use your hands to smooth it down. If you can dip into the ladies room before you reach your destination, splash a little water on your edges to help you out!

Roll It and Tuck It!

Ever have a bomb twist-out when you leave for work but once you reach the office, you realize the humidity got a hold of it? No worries. A roll and tuck is a quick, sleek style you can rock anywhere including the workplace. All you need is some bobby pins. I always keep some in my makeup bag just in case.

This roll, tuck and pin by Meechy Monroe is super easy and best of all, no comb or brush necessary!

Tip: this style can be done on most lengths from short (but not maybe TWA short!) to long hair. For shorter lengths, you’ll likely just need to use more pins to make sure all the hair is secure.

French Braid

Is your blow-out a fail? Try a french braid! Your hair should still have some stretch to it so if you’ve got the skill, this one shouldn’t be to hard. Again, no tools are really needed for this one. Just finger comb your hair into place and get to braiding! The main reason why I love the french braid as a summertime hair fix is this: if you find yourself without hair pins, no problem. The hair will stay secure without ’em.

Stylist Tamika Fletcher shows us the technique…

Here’s a version that I love to do when I need a quick fix. I finish it off with a “faux french braid” at the top which is achieved by loosely criss-crossing sections of hair to form a pompadour.


Tip: if you’re finding the upward french braid to be too difficult to execute, braid downward and tuck the end underneath the braid for a more finished look.

Wrap it Up!

This is always a life-saver! Keeping a scarf handy during the summer is a good idea for those days when you’re out and about and your style dies on you.

The London Curls gives us a few wrapping ideas below.

Tip: opt for silk or satin scarves as these will be easier on your hair than cotton which can absorb the moisture from the hair… and that’s the last thing we need, right?!

Let it Fro!

ToBNatural-Afro-Summertime-Hair-FixThis is the easiest most carefree thing you could do! Whether it’s a braid-out gone wrong or a failed flexi-rod set, all ya gotta do is take your pick or fingers, shape, pat and go! If your hair already has a great shape, you won’t need to do much of anything. Just check out this blow-out I did last summer. Because my hair was already trimmed into a nice shape, even though the style was compromised by humidity, it was still wearable.

Tip: When preparing to style after rocking a ‘fro (where your curls and kinks become super friendly), be sure to carefully detangle before manipulating. I like to apply a light leave-in and spritz with a bit of water to make my strands more manageable.

As you might have been able to tell, some of these styles require that you already have a few little things on hand. In my opinion, these are just a few essentials that every girl, natural or not, should have in her arsenal in case of a hair emergency.

Have you tried any of these styles when your hair is just a complete fail? How do YOU save your hair when things don’t go as planned?


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