5 Ways to Make Thin/Fine Natural Hair Thicker

Make thin natural hair look fullWho can resist the look of a full voluminous twist out? No one! However, some naturals have fine natural hair but that doesn’t mean you can’t fake it until you make it. Here are some tips for a more full look:

#1 For you twist outs/braid outs use larger sections

You may have a more defined look with smaller twists, but a larger twist out set will give you more fullness.

#2 Fluff your roots using your fingers or a hair pick

If you are doing a twist/braid out or roller set, fluff your hair out for more volume. Be gentle with your approach because you do not want to cause frizz or lose too much definition. Focus your efforts at your roots and you can complete your look by carefully separating your sections.

#3 For tuck n roll pin up styles twist loosely 

For pompadours and other tuck n roll styles that you may invent using two strand twists, twist the hair very loosely. This will create a more chunky fuller look than if you tightly two strand twist your hair.

#4 Use more sections to create an illusion of fullness

Rather than putting your hair back into one ponytail, you can divide it into two or three large sections to create more volume.

#5 Pick the right accessories

Accessories like a banana clip or the puff cuff will give you more fullness than your regular ponytail holder. Rather than bunching your hair tightly together, they give your hair the volume boost you are looking for.

Check out this video by YouTuber, Monae in which she uses all the techniques discussed in this post:

Quick hair care tips for thin/fine natural hair

  • Avoid frequently slicking your hair back into too tight ponytails as this could cause damage to your edges.
  • When you get protective styles like box braid or twist extensions you may want to leave your edges out to prevent thinning and hair loss or request your braider to not braid this section as tightly.
  • When you choose oils, try going with the ones on the lighter side like coconut oil to avoid your hair from being too weighed down.
  • There are a lot of products such as shampoos, conditioner, and or oils that claim to give you more thick hair, but in actuality do not.  Embrace your hair for what it is and steer clear of product gimmicks.

3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Make Thin/Fine Natural Hair Thicker

  1. njustice40

    I have very thin, fine hair and you are the first person that said stay clear of the hair gimmicks that promise thick hair. Thank you for your honesty and for this post.


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