4 Quick Natural Hairstyles: 10 Minutes or Less

4 Tutorial of Quick Styles

Everyone has encountered that failed twist out, the 4 or 5 day old twist out or wash and go that has morphed into a birds nest, that disastrous attempt at a natural hair style that didn’t turn out exactly how you had envisioned. So, what do you do? How do you make it presentable without being late to work or for that date with your handsome fella? There are some fun, flirty styles that take approximately 10 minutes are less, that will help reconstruct that bad hair do.

Twisted Faux Bun

As a natural, whether extensions are your preferred style or not, I recommend always keeping a few bags of kanekalon hair under the cabinet. Now, of course, if you have very long or thick hair, this may not be necessary. But, in most cases, a little extra hair can go a very long way! Here’s just one of many ways to make the ever so popular faux bun. The faux bun has become a front runner hair style in the natural community. With the million and one ways to style a high bun, there’s no wonder why it is at the top of the list for natural hair styles. Youtuber Toni of My Natural Sistas, demonstrates one way in particular that takes faux buns to a whole new level.

Twist N Bun

The Twist N Bun style actually blew my mind. I thought it to be very unique and creative. For those who have added hair before, this is definitely a quick style, but is so fancy and gives a look of being intricate. The way vlogger TiffanyNichols Design made a bun at the end will have you head over hills in love. The style is equally adorable without the bun. It is seen initially as a mohawk, but is quickly elevated with the added braid hair.

Twisted Updo on Medium Natural Hair

The flat twist halo, when the hair is twisted around the head to create an illusion of a halo, is a highly requested style. Adding a sock bun to this is genius, adding elegance to an already beautiful style. With the ability to dress this style up or down, it will be perfect for the day at the office and a night out on the town. ChiakaValentina serves us an amazing tutorial on how to perfect this look.

Wash and Go

Wash and go’s for certain textures are easier to achieve than others. But, after a few days it becomes a bird’s nest no matter what. Moknowshair is well known for her gorgeous mane and her wash and gos that seem to epitomize perfection. In her tutorial she shows a few ways to style a twist out whether fresh or old. These tips are quick and easy ways to add a little “sass” to your style.

Four tutorials that will make life a little easier and less stressful when your hair do FLOPS. Flops happen, but, nobody needs to know about it at all. Hopefully, these styles will assist the next morning or evening that you need something quick and sassy. Enjoy!


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