8 Ways to Frizz Proof Your Hair in the Humidity

prevent frizz

Summer is back again! Along with the sunny weather, barbecues and vacay comes the not so great things like frizz. Thankfully, there are ways that you can frizz proof your hair in the humidity, so you don’t have to worry about leaving the house one way then coming home to look in the mirror and finding a surprise.

Use Anti-Frizz Serums and Mousse

Anti-frizz serums, setting lotions and mousses will provide hold to your style as well as helping to prevent humidity from wrecking it. Look out for the product ingredient polyquaternium, it conditions your hair and has frizz prevention properties. More about this product ingredient can be found here.

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While hairspray is may not give you the same movement that you are looking for, it is good at fighting off humidity. Make sure you hold the spray 12 inches from your hair to prevent your hair from becoming overly crunchy and stiff.


Braids are the obvious solution, because even if you happen to be sweating like crazy your hair will still be on point. Cornrows styles will keep your head nice and cool, but if you are looking for something a bit more long lasting box braids or twist styles may be the way to go. They are also a good choice if you happen to be going on vacation and don’t want to spend a lot of time styling your hair.

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Avoid sponge rollers

They will not give you a smooth outcome as compared to perm rods or plastic rollers. They also tend to give the hair a fluffier appearence in humid weather because they retain more water.

Updos and Simple Ponytail Puffs

Updo’s and ponytails are a surefire way to avoid feeling overheated by your hair. Keep it up and out of your way so you don’t have to deal with a super sweaty neck or forehead. You can do a simple afro puff ponytail or if you want something with a little bit more volume a marley bun will do just fine.

Preserving Pressed Hair in the Summer

At some point especially in the summer if you are wearing a pressed hairstyle your hair is more likely to revert and experience frizz faster. However, with special occasions on the rise during this season you may find yourself wanting to press your hair regardless. To prevent reversion when you are not going anywhere keep your hair wrapped at all times. If you do find that your hair is starting to revert, do a roller set to get your hair back in check. This will eliminate any frizz that you are noticing without putting your hair at risk for heat damage.

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Embrace wash n go’s and shrinkage

Instead of fighting what your hair is prone to naturally do, you can choose to just go with it. Use a good moisturizing gel like Kinky Curly Curling Custard or Shea Moisture Curling Souffle so your kinks and curls are frizz free.

Make sure your hair is completely dry

If you don’t let your style completely dry, you are just asking for it! If you are in a rush use the blowdryer to ensure that your style is completely dried.


One thought on “8 Ways to Frizz Proof Your Hair in the Humidity

  1. Linda

    I am very young and I’m not sure if this is hereditary or not but I really need your help my hair is thinning at the top and the sides I am African American and is too soon for my hair to be spending like this I have no chemicals in my hair only hair color I need all the help I can get I don’t have a lot of money so if I can get any help I would certainly appreciate it I watch the emails that you send and I appreciate everything that you guys do thank you so much and God bless if you could help me I would truly appreciate it thank you once again


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